Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

My Relationship with Emotions


My Relationship with Emotions

Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium (continued)

Who I am as Patience (continued)

For context from the previous post:
In the next post, we will continue with how we’re going to change our relationship from Energy + Mind = consequential relationship with the physical body to SELF/Awareness + Mind = equal and one relationship with the physical body as the process of aligning quantum time and physical space-time into equilibrium within and as ourselves and so finally into and as the real living expression of/as Patience.

Look – the ‘problem’ we face with the “rock bands” as the energy (emotions and feelings) of the Mind Consciousness System is the nature and content of the SONGS that the rock bands produce, meaning – how it is that the INSTRUMENTS are being used. So the same with the Mind – the problem we face with the Mind is HOW WE USE it and the nature and content of what we produce within the Mind. So, what firstly needs to change is our relationship to the Mind, how we use its instruments / infrastructure and from there – re-align the relationship of the Mind as ourselves into and as the Physical Body. Again, we’re faced with the same ‘problem’: we have accepted and allowed ENERGY (emotions and feelings) to direct/produce who/how we are within the Mind – instead of our self-awareness / commonsense; and it has been this relationship between energy and the mind that has separated us from ourselves and our direct, equal and one relationship with the physical body.

Look, as we have explained in interviews on EQAFE: it’s not that the Mind-itself is ‘bad’ – it’s how we’re using it that is the ‘problem’. Fascinating, the emphasis here being “it’s how WE’RE using it that is the problem” – so the Responsibility of the Mind – its nature and content, is existent within our relationship to it in relation to what we accept / allow existing within and as our Minds. Thus, again I state: It’s not the MIND in itself that is the problem – but WHO WE ARE within and as it. Here – the “Mind” being: thoughts, the internal conversations we have within ourselves, imaginations / projections / fantasies, emotions and feelings, behavioural patterns etc. Essentially, the “Mind” being everything we use to express / live and function within ourselves, our world and relationship to others.

What has to be seen, realised and understood when it comes to the Mind and who/how we are within and as it – is that we have a relationship with it. This means, as with the context of relationships – two (or more) parties are involved that will affect / influence each other based on the agreement that exist between the parties / individuals as to the context of the relationship. The context of the relationship being:
-          What you and/or the other want to achieve within the relationship. ‘Achievements’ standing within the context of ‘goals’ – short-term and long-term.
-          How you and/or the other can support each other’s strengths and weaknesses – to grow within the relationship individually and together
-          Establishing effective communication – when communicating, your words and definitions are aligned, so that both always  know where you stand with each other when communicating and no miscommunication can ensue because of not understanding each other’s words and definitions attached to them
-          What exactly the relationship means to each-other, where is the relationship starting-off, where do you want to take the relationship, what you want to change about yourself / together to become stronger in life and living
-          Really getting to know yourself and the other – INTIMACY, to so be able to establish where you stand with yourself and so the other, so that there is never a doubt in who you are individually and together
So, in terms of ‘relationships’ - just having a look at the general nature of relationships, I can continue with a long list of how one can for example look at your relationship with another individual and construct / create the relationship effectively as a process where two individuals come together in to realise how a relationship can become an effective platform of creation, individually and together.

The point I’d like to make here is that: we often just “fall into relationships” with other people – we do not actively really sit down with ourselves and the other individual(s) and really go in-depth into our consciousness / who/how we are / who/how the other is and see what potential the relationship has to really facilitate a process of individual growth, expansion and development. We have done the same with our own Minds – we have simply “fallen into a relationship” with it, without realising that we have the directive, power, ability and responsibility to in fact DECIDE and CREATE an effective relationship with our OWN MINDS – where the Mind and who/how we are within it SUPPORTS our living in this world and relationship with others, rather than compromising it.
So, what we’re going to be walking in posts to come is having a look at how we’ve simply “fallen into a relationship with the Mind and ESPECIALLY emotional/feeling energy” and how we can change that relationship to the Mind – our thoughts, backchats, imaginations, emotional/feeling energy = where the Mind becomes an EXTENSION of who/how we are and what we want to live/experience. What I am going to show / illustrate especially is how – emotional/feeling energy, the very energy experiences that has facilitated the separation between Quantum Time and Physical Space and Time, purely exists because we have used emotional/feeling energy as our “Conscience” the ‘deciding factor’ of who/how we are in the Mind and so our living – because we haven’t established our AWARENESS, our SELF-AWARENESS as the deciding factor / ‘conscience’ when it comes to making decisions in relation to who we are and how/what we live.

In the next post we’ll start with our relationship to emotional/feeling energy – start with seeing, realising and understanding how we’ve “fallen into a relationship” with emotional/feeling energy, without knowing that we can in fact decide, direct and establish who/how we are in relation to emotional/feeling energy of the Mind/Consciousness. Also, why it is important to in fact UNDERSTAND what emotional/feeling energy is and how we have consequentially been using/abusing it – simply because we have not taken the responsibility in/as our Self-Awareness for who we are and how/what we live within ourselves.


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