Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

My Relationship with Emotions (Part Two)


My Relationship with Emotions (Part Two)

Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium (continued)

Who I am as Patience (continued)

In the next post we’ll start with our relationship to emotional/feeling energy – start with seeing, realising and understanding how we’ve “fallen into a relationship” with emotional/feeling energy, without knowing that we can in fact decide, direct and establish who/how we are in relation to emotional/feeling energy of the Mind/Consciousness. Also, why it is important to in fact UNDERSTAND what emotional/feeling energy is and how we have consequentially been using/abusing it – simply because we have not taken the responsibility in/as our Self-Awareness for who we are and how/what we live within ourselves.

Having a look again at the moment you face the emotional experience of impatience, you can also practically do this for yourself – walk a day in your life / a week / a month and observe yourself when becoming impatient: what thoughts arise and how the emotion affects your physical body. Most importantly – observe yourself in the moment you DECIDE to become impatient.
Many who have recent memories of impatience, may not be able to relate to ‘the moment of Decision’ with becoming impatient…and you won’t, because our relationship to / with emotions, such as impatience, have been an ‘automatic response-pattern’ that we have programmed into our Consciousness from a decision made a LONG time ago, so long ago – you cannot even remember when you made the decision. It could have been done by observing how your parents respond to time / schedules / appointments and/or friends, or from watching a movie or reading a book. You can ‘play’ with this for yourself and see who you in your family / past and/or from where have you observed such a response-pattern in your life and accordingly made a decision through acceptance that “this is the way I am supposed to be / respond” and/or “this is the way things are”. From that moment, now a memory inside your mind and body – you have come to automatically respond to time / schedules / appointments and the unpredictable nature of space-time reality with impatience.

It is fascinating to walk the Mind Construct Process within the Desteni I Process Course, because herein – you learn how to walk through your own Mind to identify how memories have come to define you and so most of your automatic response / reaction patterns to your own Mind / Relationships and Life in general. Personally, I have found that this was one of the main things that contributed to experience resistance with walking Mind Constructs – walking through my Mind, my Memories: the fact that so much of who I had become, was not “me”, but a ‘patchwork’ / ‘tapestry’ of information / data and memories of what I copied / imitated from others and throughout my life accepted as “me” – never questioning, really, where so much of my thoughts / reactions and behaviours that I could see was compromising myself and my life was really coming from. So, in this – you really face the question “who am I”, “how am I” and “why am I”; which is something we tend to fear because we so desperately want to believe that we’re ‘unique’ / ‘individual’ / ‘special’…‘my own ME’; when in fact: you’re not and never have been. It’s only when you start introspecting the thoughts, reactions and the memories you accepted that shaped / formed your response-patterns / self-experience and then actually start changing your decision within ‘who am I, how am I and why am I’ that your potential / individual self expression emerge for the first time.

For example – having a look at the reaction of Impatience: this is something most do when it comes to the relationship with time and unpredictability in this reality; having similar thoughts and so a similar emotional response. Whereas, if you’d give yourself the opportunity to walk self-forgiveness in the moment when you find the thoughts and emotions that relate to impatience comes up, and in that moment set yourself free to decide who you are, how you are and why you are – herein you for the first time in fact give yourself the opportunity to DECIDE with awareness, and especially within the principle of what’s best for all. Because, when you’re reacting with Impatience – you in fact only think about yourself, how YOU feel / experience yourself that you then embody. Whereas, if you’d for a moment forgive the thoughts and emotions, breathe, decide to stabilize yourself and consider the reality of the moment, the appointments / time / schedule and others and their lives that are involved – you can approach the moment / situation with awareness, have access to more information and so from here decide on a plan / approach as a practical solution.
What you can consider looking at for yourself is: you know how, why and who you’re going to be if you accept / allow yourself to react in impatience as you’ve walked down this road inside your own mind many times before. However, if you’d give yourself this opportunity to release yourself from the automatic response-pattern and instead assess the moment, yourself and others practically, realistically within commonsense and stability – it is fascinating how surprising the entire moment and experience can be/become; even what you can learn about yourself.

I will continue more in the next post explaining / sharing the process of how emotional reactions / response-patterns change / transform to self-expression; and how this process of walking from the Quantum Time dimensions of Consciousness into and as the equilibrium of Space and Time in the Physical – assist and support with understanding what it means to Live Patience.


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! QUE COSA ! que la impaciencia este a flor de piel en nuestra vida cotidiana ! pero como cambian mis experiencias cuando estoy alerta y en cada respiro, cuando observo cada pensamiento que trae la mente. al principio no fue fácil para mi; pero a traces de la practica constante y consciente, he podido lograr cosas increíbles no solo en mi cuerpo sino a mi alrededor. Porque se que de mi depende este cambio, de mis decisiones, ya que he decidido cambiar todas las decisiones de antano por nuevas decisiones. Gracias SUNETTE.

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