Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Imagining Potential vs. Living Potential: DAY 8


Imagining Potential vs. Living Potential: DAY 8
The Desteni of Living – Utmost Potential (Part 7)
The Principle of Realising and Living my Utmost Potential

In this post and posts to come, I am discussing what ‘Realising and Living my Utmost Potential’ practically means – through showing how I have (and still do) live and realise this Principle.

STEP 1: Recognizing my own Potential (Self Forgiveness)

In the next post, I will expand more on practical ways I have played with in the beginning of my process as an example of how you can start your process of taking the first step of realising your potential to decide and so change who / how you are within yourself and your living. Also, how I assisted and supported myself to slow myself down, which slowed my Mind down to be able to see and so direct myself effectively in relation to my Mind as the thoughts and emotions.

What I found fascinating within this process of writing and living the Desteni tools, especially in the beginning of my process, is where I very quickly would start envisioning my potential. As much as I could see and understand the problems I was facing within myself – I could also start seeing how I could be and experience myself if I would be able to transcend and change the problems I faced within me and my world / relationship to others.

So, with looking at the ‘taking things personally’ point that I started my process with – as I was walking the process of immediately in the moment forgiving the emotion that would come up, letting the thoughts go and stabilizing within myself – an ‘excitement’ of sorts emerged within me. I mean, previously – my thoughts would haunt me, my emotions drown me…burdening myself with the things that would come up within my Mind that would also have a draining effect on me physically.
As I progressed within my process of writing, forgiveness and practical change – I was more and more able to stabilize myself, my mind and this experience within me was eclectic on so many levels, because I, myself – for me, was able to direct my mind, my emotions…really change myself, my experience and it was at the same time like my physical body was ‘awakening’ in the sense of becoming more comfortable, more relaxed because I didn’t before realise the extent of physical stress burdening thoughts and emotions could cause.

Now getting back to the excitement: I responded excitedly to this change that I was noticing within me and my body and started envisioning within myself how freeing it would be to finally be more grounded, confident and comfortable with myself – like, not anymore at all accepting and allowing other people’s words / behaviour to affect me to such a massive degree.
To understand the timeline here: I became excited BEFORE I in fact completely transcended the point – so, I was projecting into the future, because I had during this time only a couple of times proven to myself that I can direct my thought, I can forgive and release the emotions and stabilize myself…I had not yet proven to myself that I changed where I do not react emotionally anymore, but am able to understand the other person in their words / behaviour…rather than me taking them personally / making it personal. Now, becoming excited and projecting change into the future may seem ‘okay’…but does come with consequence.

Soon enough, I started shifting inside myself where – I became more excited about the future change I envisioned within my Mind than me focusing on my process of change I was still busy walking moment-to-moment as I was facing people’s words and behaviours. This then caused a split within myself – ‘living in two worlds’, where the moment I would face another’s words and behaviour I emotionally reacted to when taking them personally, I created a double-dose of reactions for myself as follows:
It was like, in that moment – I reacted to the other person’s words / behaviour and then additionally reacted to the fact that ‘I was not yet my future potential self’. This then caused me to not be able to apply myself immediately in the moment by stopping participation in the thoughts, forgiving the emotions and stabilizing myself – because my focus shifted to me ‘not being my potential RIGHT NOW’.

This is what tends to happen in the Mind when you hold onto a future projection with a feeling-energy, such as excitement. In the Mind, when you imagine something – it can sometimes feel so ‘real’ that you start believing on some level that you are already your ‘future potential self’. This then causes a shift within you to the extent where, the moment you are faced with the ‘real you’ as you are participating with other people, you react to the ‘real you’ thinking / believing that ‘this is not who I am’, because you’ve held onto the ‘future projected you’ you imagined / envisioned within your Mind. Then, soon enough – you start ‘fighting’ the ‘real you’ you in fact face in reality, in moments of real participation with people as you try / attempt to enforce the ‘future potential self’ into reality. When all the while, to change for real – you have to change as you face the real you in moments of participation with others, in real time live and apply the tools and over time and process, you emerge / birth yourself into and as your utmost potential.

In the next post we will continue expanding on this point of how to practically assist and support yourself in such a way that you ensure you don’t shift yourself into a future projection that you imagine in your Mind and forget to walk your process in real time, in this real world – where your process of self potential is a birthing process walked moment by moment.