Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium (Part Two)


Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium (Part Two)

Who I am as Patience (continued)

So, our Mind-Beingness relationship – now in separation from the Physical Body / this Physical Dimension cannot exist / co-exist in the Physical Body in and as the space-time dimension(s) that are HERE, because we’re in a conflict with our own Bodies in and as multiple dimensions / ways. The consequence of this – we’ll continue with in the next post. Also explaining the process of equalizing the quantum time of our Beingness with the space-time of the Physical and how Patience and the living of this word plays a role within this all.

We’re continuing with the process of ‘who I am as Patience’ and already one can see from what we have walked thus far: there is MUCH MORE to the Mind, to simple emotional and feeling reactions such as Patience and Impatience of the Mind/Consciousness than one can conceive within the Conscious Mind. The Conscious Mind being but one of the dimensions/layers of Consciousness that we currently exist within and function through in our day-to-day living – but, with investigating and introspecting the Mind/Consciousness (which is also what we walk in the Desteni I Process and through the Portal in EQAFE); one enters into an entire existence that exist within oneself that one did not have access to, simply because of not asking, not investigating/introspecting the very ‘thing’ we use to exist/function and define/experience ourselves through…which is the Mind.

We left-off in the previous post explaining that in the ‘closed-system’ we exist within as the relationship between the Mind and the Body – our Mind is in conflict with the Body, quantum time is in conflict with space and time. It is this very conflict that is ‘at the heart’ of the problem we face with the Living Word PATIENCE and why this Living Word cannot exist as long as the Mind is in conflict with the Body, as long as we’re existing in ‘two separate worlds’ at the same time, which is the Mind and the Body. But, at the moment - the Mind world DOMINATES the Physical World, instead of the two complementing each other / assisting and supporting each other.

With having a look at the reactions of Patience/Impatience for example, how the Mind dominates the Body and how we’re compromising our relationship to the physical body/this physical reality: emotional and feeling reactions – dependent on how intense they are, will accordingly consist of a specific frequency / vibration, with the intensity determined by the extent to which one build the energy in the mind-body relationship based on how much one think/imagine/backchat in the mind in relationship to something/someone in one’s world within the context of time.
Now, with the emotional and/or feeling reactions of Patience and/or Impatience that gets triggered in relation to something/someone within the context of time/timing/punctuality etc. – what happens is ( that is not realised as of yet, because we’re not in our awareness equal-to and one-with the physical body but existing in SEPARATION from the depths/dimensions of the physical body): the very ENERGY, both positive and negative - affects/influence PHYSICAL MATTER, which means that the energies actually has the ability to manipulate / alter / change your body’s organs / functions etc. So, while one is in the Mind REACTING in energy and experiencing the positive and/or negative energies of either Patience or Impatience: one’s physical body is in the process of enduring the effects/consequences/alterations that the energy is enforcing onto/into the physical body. So, here is but one example of the multiple ways / dimensions in which we consequentially affect/influence the physical body space-time continuum with the quantum time energy movement of the Mind/Consciousness.

It’s commonsense: here you have a physical body that is moving with a specific rhythm, the space-time rhythm and now you introduce emotional (negative) and feeling (positive) energy that moves in a different rhythm, the quantum time rhythm – you’re going to have friction between the two rhythms. When having a look at the body’s rhythm / motion – it moves similar to, for example Classical Music. When having a look at the Mind’s rhythm / motion – especially emotional and/or feeling energy, it moves similar to, for example Rock Music. Now imagine you’re in a building and they’re playing Classical Music – suddenly you have these Rock Bands coming into the building, not one band, but many – the Rock is going to overpower the Classical Music.
See, the physical body is One Orchestra, One Sound – for example, one Classical Orchestra playing in one building representing the physical body. With the Mind / Consciousness, when it comes to energy – such as Patience and/or Impatience, energy seldom comes up with only one dimension, it most of the time has many dimensions as energy attached to it. For example, when reacting in Impatience – it will not only be the Impatience energy you’re working with, but will find attached to the Impatience energy, there will be anger / frustration / irritation. When reacting in Patience, it will not only be the Patience energy you’re working with – but will find that you also experience relief / comfortable / release as energy experiences attached to the initial Patience energy experience. This is why, energy – whether positive or negative, is similar to a few Rock Bands entering one building with one Classical Orchestra, as how the Body’s rhythm experience the rhythms / motions of the Mind’s Energy.

We’ll continue in the next post with explaining the consequence the body experience the moment energy is introduced into and as it, how this has created our separation from the physical body, from living in space-time hereness – and so why/how we have not had access into and as the Living Word PATIENCE and the overall consequence this has created in who we are and how we live in our relationship to ourselves and others with not having/living REAL PATIENCE as a Living Word in this Physical Reality.