Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Thought-Designs – Part 2


Seeing and Understanding Self as the Mind:
Thought-Designs – Part 2

Within the previous-Document we have Outlined the ‘basic’-Descriptions of and as the Primary Thought-Designs that exist within and as the Conscious-Mind, that we frequently – on a daily-basis, participate-In, become and function-Through as we move in and as our World/Reality; as we’re currently Walking the process of ‘getting to know’ what it is exactly that we’re existing-As as the Mind, to stand Equal and One with-ourselves, to be able to within and as that Equality and Oneness, Stop Stand up and Change ourselves, from Separation within Manifested-Consequence – to Life as a Living Principle of what’s Best for All.

As has been Mentioned within the previous-Document – we will have a look at and explore the Following-detail of and as the Manifestation of and as Thought-Designs within and as the Conscious-Mind:
-          The Nature of the Thoughts, meaning – the Structural-function of and as their existence in and as the Conscious-Mind.
-          The Substance of the Thoughts, meaning – what they consist-of/exist-as within and as their actual-Manifestation.
-          How they are created/manifested through-Us in/as the Mind Consciousness System.
-          Examples of each Thought-Design.
All - to assist/support in specifying the seeing of the Thoughts in relation to oneself, within one’s Conscious-Mind as one has programmed one’s Thought-Designs in relation to one’s individual life-experience. To so become more effective in the stopping of such fragmented resonant-projections of and as ourselves, to start assisting and supporting ourselves in living in the ‘real world’: The Physical, here as Breath.

So, how we’re going to Proceed – is through walking Each Individual Thought-Design as discussed / numbered within the Previous-document, with this time Discussing, exploring and Looking-at the Nature of the Thoughts as what they consist of and exist as and the Influence of that ‘manifested-Nature’ on our interpreted self-experience of ourselves within, as and through the Conscious-Mind.

Let us first have a Look at the definition of the ‘Nature’ of a Thought  to contextualize the starting-point within and as which we’re going to be Looking-at / Discussing the Individual Thought-Designs – so that you walk and see with as we Explore the Manifested Thought-Designs existent within and as the Conscious-Mind of/as the Mind Consciousness System:

The Nature of a Conscious-Mind Thought:

As we’re going to be Walking-through the Individual primary Thought-Design manifestations existent in and as the Conscious-Mind within the document, we’re going to be looking-at and discussing the ‘Nature’ of each Individual Thought-Design.
The ‘Nature’ of a Conscious-Mind Thought-Design pertains to the ‘effect’ it has on our Self-Experience in the moment/instance we ‘participate’ within the Thought-Design manifestation of and as the Conscious-Mind.

In the ‘moment/instance’ of Participation with and as a Thought; a ‘Resonant-Merging’ manifest between your Beingness and the Thought. Wherein one’s ‘beingness Resonance’ within and as the stance/point of and as Focus/Attention – ‘connect’ with and through a actual ‘Connection Stream’ with and as the particular-specific Thought within and as the Conscious-Mind. And so one ‘merge’ with the Thought, and in that ‘merging’ - ‘become one’ with the Thought; and so one ‘experience’-Oneself as the Thought self accepted and allowed self to Connect-to, Merge-with and become. And so we accept/allow ourselves to experience and become the Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind we accept/allow ourselves to participate-In, through ‘giving-Them’ attention/focus and so, in essence – ‘give-Them’ ourselves and in that Moment, we accept/allow them to ‘Possess’-us in/as the Moment, as we’re in that Moment a Thought, just a Thought – not here in/as the Physical at all. This just another example as to the extent of our actual Limitation within/as ‘who/what’ we Really are in relation to Existence as a Whole.
(Thus, through Self-Forgiveness – we walk the Process of ‘giving ourselves back to Ourselves’ in assisting and supporting ourselves to Stop ‘giving ourselves away to/as a system, as the system flourish and we diminish, and so through Self-Forgiveness – we stop the giving away of ourselves; through gifting ourselves, ourselves in seeing what we’re accepting and allowing to do and become; and to in that seeing – stop, stand-up and Change.)

So, when we’re going to be Looking-at and discussing, or speaking-of/mentioning the ‘Nature’ of/as the Thought-Designs – we’re going to have a look at its ‘manifested momentary effect’ on the experience of ourselves in that Moment of participating in-It/becoming it.

So – the primary/basic ‘Natures’ of and as Thought-Design within and as the Conscious-Mind pertains to the ‘Electric-Energetic’-Charge of/as a Thought-Design within the spark of Either:

-          Neutral
-          Positive
-          Negative

Thus, the Nature of Thought-Designs Pertains to their particular-specific ‘Charge’ and the ‘effect’ that Charge have on the experience of-Ourselves in the Moment/Instance of accepting and allowing Ourselves to Participate within and as the Thought-Design as the manifested-charge as Nature it consist-Of/exist-As.

Now, in terms of the ‘fast-paced’-Movement of and as Conscious-Mind Thought-Design manifestations; the length of ‘possession’ of/as such Thoughts (meaning the Length of time we ‘become’ the Thought within and as the instance/moment of accepting/allowing self to participate in-It) isn’t very long and mostly lasts Nano- to split-seconds and sometimes even a second, maybe slightly longer. This is due to the Function of and as the Conscious-Mind Thought-Design manifestations, as ‘Super-Charging’ the Main-Source ‘Energetic/Electric’-Domains of and as the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind that hold one’s most Prevalent and Influential Systems and Constructs that control Behaviour through and as the Mind, with and as  Electrical-Energy.
Thus, the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs and one’s ‘Moments/Instances of participation’ within and as such Thoughts – sets of ‘instant-Sparks’ as ‘instant-Constant/Continuous’-Charges of/as the particular-specific Natures of/as the Thoughts as Neutral/Positive/Negative (dependent on the particular-specific Thought-Design one is Participating-in).
And so one ‘Charge’ the continued-existence of/as the Triad-Monument as the Base (Neutrality) and it’s Two Poles (Positivity and Negativity) through and as which the Mind Consciousness System primarily function; as it use Polarity as one of its Main Source of/as Power Generation, with the Neutrality-‘base’ to Maintain ‘Balance’ and Equilibrium - and so it Functions as a Automated, Smooth System/Machine. The Mind - which self keep on ‘Oiling’ and ‘Fuelling’ as ‘charging’ through accepting and allowing self to Continue the Accepted and Allowed participation within and as the Conscious-Mind manifested Thought-Designs. The Conscious-Mind with and as its manifested Thought-Designs - that is one of the Primary ‘centres’ through and as which the totality/entirety of and as the Mind Consciousness System continue its existence.   

Therefore – within, as and during the beginning-stages/phases of one’s Process as one’s ‘introduced’ to and as one’s own Conscious-Mind as one become conscious of/as the extent and actual-Manifestations of and as the Thoughts one consist-of / exist-As; one start with Stopping oneself from accepting and allowing self to Participate within and as the Initial-origins that fuel/charge the entirety/totality of/as the Mind Consciousness System as the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs. Because - within and as doing-So; you assist/support yourself, to – through constant, consistent application – move ‘out of’ the position/stance/possession of/as the Triad-Monument as the ‘Electric-Energy’-Core of/as the Mind Consciousness System as the Neutrality, Positivity and Negativity. To stand ‘solid’ within and as the Structure/Platform of and as the Mind Consciousness System – from where you have the Platform and Ability to direct and change you As the Mind.
For – as long as you exist in the Triad-Monument as the Electric-Energy only; you’re Possessed - and will not see/experience anything but Electric-Energy and the resonance-manifestations as Thoughts that flow from-It, that Manifest within and as the Conscious-Mind.

Thus, process start with ‘where and what’ you are within and as the Mind Consciousness System, which – at this Stage; is existent within and as the Triad-Monument as Electric-Energy of/as Neutrality, Positivity and Negativity and the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs within/as which we exist/participate and primarily function.
And, so – through stopping accepted and allowed participation within and as the Conscious-Mind Thoughts; one start the process of establishing a starting-point within and as the Mind-Systems’ ‘structure’ for Self to ‘see’ through and as the veil as manifested-Energy concoction within and as the Mind Consciousness System, wherein – within the seeing = Be effective in assisting and supporting self to– Stop, Stand up and Change.

Alright, so – let’s have a Look at the ‘Nature’-manifestation of and as each Thought-Design we walked within and as the Previous-document, to assist/support with Perspective in relation to the Function of/as the particular-specific Thought-Designs so that we can get a Clear ‘View’ in relation to what it is, exactly - that we’re accepting and allowing Ourselves to be, become and do within, as and during our accepted and allowed Participation in and as the Conscious-Mind:
1.      Current-Reality Thoughts

As discussed - Current-Reality Thoughts will be in direct-immediate relation to – the current-alteration to/within one’s external-reality for which one had no prior-warning / precognition.

The ‘Nature’ of and as Current-Reality Thoughts, is:
‘Neutral’, ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’

The Nature of and as the Current-Reality Thought is dependent on one’s Resonant-‘interpretation’ to/towards the particular-specific ‘unforeseen / unexpectedly sudden’ external-reality change/alteration within/as one’s ‘Moment’ / ‘Sphere of Influence’ within/as one’s Reality in/as the Physical.
Because, remember / understand and take into consideration, that – we ‘resonantly’-Exist through and as the Mind Consciousness System, which mean that – we ‘filter/channel’ our experiences to/towards the physical/reality through and as the Platform Structures/Constructs and Designs of and as the Mind Consciousness System manifested as the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind.
And so - the Mind is the Manifested-‘Interpreter’ of/as our ‘self’-Experience to/towards Reality/the Physical, and thus why only our ‘Resonance’ is ‘emitted’ / ‘projected’ through and as the Mind Consciousness System as our total-Beingness as a Being is merged with, as and within the Platform-Manifestations of/as the Mind Consciousness System as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind – and so, our total/entire self-experience is existent through and as the total/entire Mind Consciousness System, with no actual cognisance of reality, the physical – as all that we are and experience, is, in fact – our own Mind.
As we proceed within and through walking the Design of the Mind as we detail the Mechanics and Dynamics of/as the existence of Ourselves as the Mind Consciousness System, we’ll explore, discuss and reveal the specifics of ‘how we operate’ as the Operating-System of/as the Mind as what we are.

Let’s continue within looking at tangible-Examples of/as Current-Reality Thoughts in showing how the Nature of such Thought-Designs of the Conscious-Mind affect the experience if ourselves in a Moment/Instance of accepted and allowed participation within/as such manifestations of-Ourselves:


‘Neutral’ Current-Reality Thought:

Such thoughts manifest as ‘Neutral Statements/Words’ within and as one’s Conscious-Mind – such, as for example:
A bird suddenly flying-by in a astounding array of sequenced-patterns as though it’s ‘drawing’ / ‘painting’ with the air-itself and a Thought/Thoughts emerge: “I’d like to Fly like that” or “I’d want Wings to Fly”.
Thus, one made a ‘statement’ to/towards Reality/the Physical as ‘processing’ one’s relationship to/towards reality/the physical through ‘positioning’-Onself, within-Oneself in relation to the Bird in making a statement of Thought in/as one’s Conscious-Mind as ‘who/what you are’, which is a human that can’t fly, but who’d like to.
Thus, ‘Neutral Thought-Statements’, pertaining to/towards one’s World/Reality as the physical that consist-of/exist as ‘basic observations’ in relation to ‘who you are’ in relationship with your world/reality are examples of ‘Neutral Current-Reality Thoughts’.

Now – to have a look at ‘why’ this is an example of a Neutral Current-Reality Thought, and Why it constitutes as a manifested-Thought of/as the Conscious-Mind, is as follows:
In looking-at such a Moment/experience in/as Reality – the Question-is: “Where are YOU” in that Moment with the Bird?
If you have a look at the Thought – you’re in your own Mind thinking about yourself in relation to the point of flying. The point of ‘flying’ as a Resonant-desire coming-up from your Subconscious-/Unconscious-Mind in relation to the ‘desired-Freedom’ that you’re ‘accessing’ through/as the Thought coming-up in/as your Conscious-Mind. The though coming-up/Manifesting within/as your Conscious-Mind - from/as your Eyes that caught/captured the ‘symbolism’ of/as the Wings that you saw of the Bird, that transferred into and as your Picture-database of/as your Unconscious-Mind, that got activated - and so your total-Primary network in relation to the picture of Wings, Bird and Flying ‘activated’ and so your Resonant Self-Definition to/towards those symbols activated as ‘desire to fly / be free’ and Manifested it into and as the Thought(s): “I’d like to Fly like that” or “I’d want Wings to Fly”.

And, so – here a practical/tangible Example in relation to how we create-Thoughts in, as and through our Mind Consciousness System.
And, that – in having a look at the example above, why the ‘Neutral-Statements’ to/towards one’s world/reality are actual Thought-Manifestations – as we ‘think’-About what is here in/as the physical within/as the reference/experience of our individual-selves. Not actually HERE within and as the physical at-ALL, within for example - standing there with the Bird in communicating with it, or sharing-In with the Bird as its experience of/as Flying with being the Bird here as self. So we completely/entirely exist in/as Thought – missing Reality, what is Real here completely/entirely as we but interpret reality through/as Pictures/Symbols of/as Energy within and as a System as the Mind.

So, therefore – ‘Neutral Current-Reality Thoughts’ are ‘Neutral-Statements’ made to/towards one’s World/Reality, that is in direct-relation to/towards one’s World/Reality in a moment/instance of/as a sudden, unexpected and unpredictable change manifest within/as one’s World/Reality.

To further ‘clarify’ the term ‘Neutral’, is that – ‘Neutral’ Thought-Manifestations do not/does not contain a particular-Specific positive or negative charge/connotation; it’s simply a ‘Just-Is’-statement. So, for example – to give perspective in relation to the difference between Neutral / Positive / Negatively Charged-thoughts in relation to this Example with the Bird – have a look at the Following:

“I’d like to Fly like that” or “I’d want Wings to Fly” – here the statements are simply “this is how it is”, from the perspective of – this is, in fact what I’d like and what I’d want.

“Wow! That birds’ colours is absolutely, beautifully magnificent!” – here the statement is Positively charged, as the statement holds an energetic experience of awe/magnificence/mesmerisation which alter the beings’ state of experience into and as a ‘positive-charge’, wherein - within the Neutral-Thought statement, the beings’ Self-Experience didn’t particularly change, as it was a mere Observational-deductive statement in relation to reality.

“Those types of birds disgust Me”  – here the statement is Negatively-charged, as the statement holds an energetic experience of and as disgust, as it’s spoken within/as disgust - which alter the beings’ state of experience into and as a ‘negative-charge’.

So, these two Examples of Positive and Negative Statements – just given for you to have a look at and take into consideration the difference between ‘Neutral’ / ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ in relation to Thought-Manifestations within the context of their ‘Nature’ as we Think-them within and as our Conscious-Mind to/towards our World/Reality in moments’ of sudden/unexpected change/alteration that manifest and which we in essence ‘react’-To within, as and through Current-Reality Thoughts.

We’ll, within the next document to Continue – explore the Nature of Current-Reality Thoughts further in outlining the Details within and as which they exist as-us within and as the Conscious-Mind as we walk-through More examples of Neutral, Positive and Negative Current-Reality Thoughts to specify their Design-Manifestation/Existence within and as us.
And within that, you’ll see for yourself, how – through Current-Reality Thought-Design Manifestations; one can detect/see and find Self-Definitions of/as the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind – as Current-Reality Thoughts are thoughts that ‘jump-up’ as ‘sudden, unexpected’-Reactions to/towards ‘sudden, unexpected’-Changes within/as our world/reality. And so, due to the ‘fast/immediate’ nature of the Thoughts / such Thoughts =  we can through them see/identify, actual manifested accepted self-definitions of/as personalities of/as the mind consciousness system we accept/allow to exist-as/within.
As we continue – you’ll start seeing this for yourself.


Thought-Designs – Part 1

 Practical Living Application:

As Mentioned within the Introductory-Platform of this-Blog: Practical Desteni – we will be Walking Practical-Living Examples. Practical-Living examples are/will be Practical ‘Methods’, outlining a basic support and assistance ‘Platform/Base-Structure’ in how to Practically Stand-Up and Stop-Self and within-That also Change-Self Immediately in the Moment when Facing-Self in one’s World/Reality.  

Practical-Living goes ‘hand in hand’ with Self-Forgiveness, which means that – Self-Forgiveness is the Step as Practical-Application taken, wherein Self-ForGIVE self, which means that – self GIVE self to self, as establishing SELF as the starting-Point within and as self, and not the Mind. Thus, Self-Forgiveness assist and support with establishing Self as Starting-Point within/as Self, to be able to face and live with one’s World within a starting-point as Self, to so be able to Actually Change Self within, as and through Practical Living. Therefore, understand that – Self-Forgiveness is the First-Step to Practical-Living – thus, it all start with Self-Forgiveness, as Self starts with Self-Forgiveness within/as establishing self as starting-Point.
And, within/through Self-Forgiveness – within establishing self as the standing Starting-Point; one within that ‘Stand’ is able to Look/Face self as the Mind within and as Stability and so be able to Investigate the detailed-specifics in How self Created, Designed and Programmed Self as the Mind, to within that specified Seeing, be able to correct self Specifically within and as Practical living  Therefore, Self-Forgiveness is the Step of Establishing Self and ‘getting to know self as the Mind’ to so be able to stand as self as self change self as the Mind within, as, through and during Practical Corrective Living.

And so, as we Walk as Self-Forgiveness – we walk Practical Living, and here within these Documents will be Platforms, Guidelines, Methods, Perspectives and Consideration with regards to What, How, When and Where  to Assist/Support Self in Facing Self within and as Actual-Reality, to Stop, Stand-Up and Change-Self in the Moment Here, Immediately. Not Looking-back/wavering, but Continuing Walking, Living and Applying Self Here as Self Face, stop, stand up and change self in Moments of deciding ‘Who you are / will be’ and accordingly Living so, within and as the Principle of/as Equality and Oneness as what’s best for All, so that we finally can become Actual Living Beings.

Now – to be Able to Walk self Practically within and as one’s World/Reality as-Self – is, to obviously first See and Understand what it is that we’re facing as-Ourselves, what it is that we’re Working-with / Walking-through Exactly, to so be able to Stand within Specificity and Direct-Ourselves within and as specificity into and as Practical-Living Corrective-Application to and as Actual, Real and Definitive Self-Change.
Therefore – we’re going to Start-with Looking-at, Exploring and Investigating the Basic-Components of and as the Mind as what we currently exist-As, starting within and as the Conscious-Mind as the Primary-parts we participate-In and exist-as, as Thoughts.  

We’re going to Walk the Parts, Components, Manifestations, Constructs and Systems of and as Ourselves as the Mind Consciousness System we exist-As, in and as detail and specificity to detail and specify our application within and as Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application.
So, the First Step within assisting and supporting Oneself to Walk Practically, Effectively and Specifically in Standing within/as Physical-Application – we will take the Step of Seeing, Understanding and Realising how it is that we exist as what we are as the Mind, to so – within that Insight, be able to assist and support ourselves within our Effectiveness and Precision to Stop, Stand-Up and Change.  

Seeing and Understanding Self as the Mind:
Thought-Designs – Part 1

As many who have walked with Desteni already know by now, even within, as and through Personal-Experience – the Mind isn’t simply a straightforward one-dimensional machine, but is Multi-Faceted and Multi-Dimensional in its Constructed/Manifested Existence, where - One-Point exist in and as Various Dimensions at the same-time, as we have connected and interconnected ourselves within, as through Unified-Fields, Patterns and Networks. Where – one-Point is interwoven and inter-weaved within and as various-different other-Points, and so – one will face one-Point, that is experienced as though one is Facing one Point, when in-Fact; one is facing the multi-dimensionality within and as which we've created, designed and manifested ourselves as such a Point.

This is no-Different to any-other Part of the Mind Consciousness System, where – there are existent within the Mind Consciousness System – variations of different Thought-manifestations, referred to as Thought-Designs as multiple-different manifested-dimensions within and as which we participate in and as the Mind, as parts/fragments of our consciousness/unconscious-resonance that we interact-with, that we’ve come to believe and accept as ‘who/what we are’.
So, within these Documents to follow – we’re going to ‘layout’, ‘explore’ and ‘investigate’ the parts of ourselves as Thought-Designs as they Exist in our Conscious-Mind, the ‘Dimensional-Space’ within and as our Mind Consciousness System we’ve currently limited-Ourselves into and as to get a specific-perspective of what it is exactly that we’re facing as-Ourselves as thoughts, to so be more specific within our practical-corrective application as Self-Forgiveness and Living.
And, so – we’ll move deeper and deeper into and as the Manifested-Dimensions we’ve separated-Ourselves into and as, as we get a clearer Perspective in Seeing and Understanding what it is that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become and exist-As; To within that Seeing and Understanding – stop, stand up and change ourselves, absolutely – Here.

We’ll start-Off with Giving Short-Descriptions of the Various Thought-Designs that exist within and as the Conscious-Mind that we participate-In on a day-to-day Regular-basis, thus – the most ‘Common’ Thought-forms/designs:

Current-Reality Thoughts

Current-Reality Thoughts are thoughts that come-Up within the Conscious-Mind the Moment one’s external-environment change, for example – a person entering one’s Moment, a animal appearing, nature-expression such a wind-blowing/rain falling suddenly, unexpectedly.
So – basically, any and all external-factors that happen suddenly, without warning, for which one is not prepared with having pre-programmed knowledge and information about the event taking-Place. Thus, the Current-Reality Thoughts will be in direct-immediate relation to – the current-alteration to/within one’s external-reality for which one had no prior-warning / precognition.  


Projection-Thoughts are thoughts that manifest in a ‘flash of a Moment’, wherein – you’ll see yourself ‘projected’ into and as an experience/moment within and as your Mind, other-Than and different-from the Moment in which you’re currently standing in actual-reality, and who and how you are within and as Actual-reality.
Thus, it will be thus a ‘flash’ sweeping-by within your Mind, as you ‘see’ yourself as/within a projection within your Mind as a dimensional-shift that happen, that will be in context-to and in relation with what you’re experiencing/facing/participating in, within actual-reality – but will be a ulterior-projected version thereof.


Jumping-Thoughts are thoughts that are manifested within and as the Mind Consciousness System, ‘patterned’-together in relation to ‘energetic-resonant’ similarity, wherein they form ‘miniature unified networks’ and are so ‘interconnected’ with one-Another. Such thoughts ‘move through your Conscious-Mind’ in a ‘jumping’-sequenced manner, moving through you mind quite fast, jumping from one thought to the next, to the next and so-On.
So, whenever you ‘activate’ any one of the thoughts within such manifested ‘miniature unified thought-networks’ - it activate the entire network of thoughts and the thoughts will start jumping ‘seemingly randomly and unrelated’ – one after the other. Yet – they always follow a patterned sequence, as the thoughts are patterned in sequence of energetic-resonant similarity, wherein the energy within them are similar as the experience one have built-up towards the nature of the thoughts.


Silent-Thoughts are Thoughts that manifest within and as the Conscious-Mind as a ‘inner silent-voice’ that Speaks inside-Self within and as the Conscious-Mind, in and as a Moment to/towards or about something or someone in one’s world/reality that is not / never voiced-Aloud in the Moment or spoken-About / Shared and mostly forgotten or disregarded as quickly as it came-Up.


Conversational-Thoughts are Thoughts that manifest within one’s Conscious-Mind, wherein one will ‘talk-About’ something or something within one’s Conscious-Mind as having a conversation with oneself about something/someone within one’s World/Reality.
Where, thoughts will come-Up within one’s Conscious-Mind about/of a particular something/someone and one will thus ‘voice oneself’ to/towards the thoughts, then the thoughts will ‘talk-back / show / reveal’ a point about/of that something/someone and self will return with a different input/perspective/view. And so one will have/initiate a conversation within one’s Conscious-Mind through/with voicing/speaking oneself within and manifested conversational-thoughts.


Word-Thoughts are Thoughts that manifest as singular-Words that come-Up within one’s Conscious-Mind, as words Charged with a particular-specific Energetic-Resonance, that one will speak within one’s Mind, to/towards a particular something/someone and/or situation.
Such Word-Thoughts exist-as words with societal-definitions that self has charged with a particular-specific energy, and will thus use the Words with their energetic-charges, created from one’s perceptual-experience/interpretation of/as the definition of the word. Word-Thoughts are often used to exert/release and define a momentary energetic-reaction experienced within a moment to/towards something/someone.


Sound-Thoughts are Thoughts that manifest as sounds expressed in and as the Conscious-Mind that is not voiced-‘aloud’ in/as a particular-specific Moment in/as Actual-Reality.
Sound-Thoughts are Thoughts that are manifestations of/as energetic-reactions that is manifested into and as frequency, instead of relating to/towards a word/picture – it express as sound/frequency of and as the Mind Consciousness System. Such Sound-Thoughts manifest in moments where we experience the energetic-reaction being ‘overbearing’ and then transfer our reaction to/towards something/someone to/as sound/frequency instead of having to go through the ‘effort’ of manifesting it into word/picture.


Blank-Thoughts are thoughts that come-Up in the Conscious-Mind that manifest the momentary experience within and as the Conscious-Mind as ‘nothingness’, because the nature/manifestation of ‘Blank-Thoughts’ as the substance it exist-As, is ‘nothingness/blankness’.
One will thus accordingly experience that which one become/participate-In, and so will become equal-to the blankness of/as the nothingness as the nature/substance of/as such Thoughts, and then experience oneself to be ‘blank’, when in-fact one is participating-in/becoming a actual manifested Blank-Thought that come-up as a ‘protection/defence-mechanism’ to not face/experience a particular something/someone in one’s world/reality.

Running/Racing Thoughts

Running/Racing Thoughts are thoughts that literally ‘speed’ through your Mind – that manifest within and as your Conscious-Mind, when you are within linear time-space reality; possessed by/through and within a particular-specific energetic-reaction. Wherein – the thoughts that speed through your mind are in resonant-alignment with and as the energetic-reaction you’re possessed-within, in and as that particular moment, and so will also use the thoughts to generate/charge the energy one’s in even-More, which cycle one in and as the Mind in a continued-experience, stuck in a moment with thoughts and a energy.

Personality Thoughts

Personality-Thoughts are thoughts that Manifest in the Conscious-Mind that consist-of/exist-as resonant programs of and as one’s Manifested-Personalities, that will come-Up or Enter one’s Conscious-Mind in and as particular-specific Moments to support one’s ‘Personality-Stance’ within and a particular-specific moment to/towards something/someone. To so ‘Feed’ one’s Image-Portrayal as a Manifested-Personality one exist-as/express through and as the Mind.
Such Personality-thoughts will always be in support of ‘self’s Ego/Personality’ as ‘self’s one-dimensional view/opinion/experience/perspective’ of/as something/someone within and as a particular-specific Moment.

Alright, then – herewith above, the outline as basic-descriptions of and as the Primary Thought-Designs that exist within and as the Conscious-Mind, that we frequently – on a daily-basis, participate-In, become and function-Through as we participate in and as our World/Reality.

Within the next Document to Follow – we will have a look at the substance of the Thoughts, meaning – what they consist-of/exist-as within and as their actual-Manifestation, how they are created/manifested though-Us in/as the Mind Consciousness System and also some Examples of each Thought-Design. This to assist/support in specifying the seeing of the Thoughts in relation to oneself, within one’s Conscious-Mind as one has programmed one’s Thought-Designs in relation to one’s individual life-experience.