Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

The Rise of Emotion and the Fall of Self


The Rise of Emotion and the Fall of Self

Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium (continued)

Who I am as Patience (continued)

I will continue more in the next post explaining / sharing the process of how emotional reactions / response-patterns change / transform to self-expression; and how this process of walking from the Quantum Time dimensions of Consciousness into and as the equilibrium of Space and Time in the Physical – assist and support with understanding what it means to Live Patience.

I have found that there is a hint of impatience existent – every time I accept and allow myself to go into an emotional reaction. Where I do not take a moment to breathe and slowly look at a moment / conversation with another, but IMMEDIATELY in a quantum moment activate any and every kind of thought / emotional reaction within me. Thus, we’re going to have a look at where and how within your day-to-day life – you can start practising the living of Patience in relation to yourself, a moment and another.

For this post, I would suggest a practical application process for yourself to observe how Impatience is actually existent in every and any moment you go into an emotional reaction (I’ll eventually get to the positive feeling, but most will be able to prominently relate to emotional reactions / energy experiences). Observe yourself in moments where you become emotional – whether anxiety, irritation, resistance, frustration, anger etc. What you’ll notice happens is that your solar plexus and chest area becomes tight, your upper-body becomes tense as this overwhelming energy rises up within you. It’s interesting how with emotional energy – because it is so intense / overwhelming, it creates this illusion of “rising” on an unconscious-level – which also contributes to why we sometimes use emotion in situations / conversations, it presents the illusion of self “rising to the occasion” / “having power to speak up / speak your mind”. Thus, this is another dimension in relation to emotion that I would suggest introspecting: the illusion that emotion presents to you in the mind and body as to having more ‘power’ / ‘strength’ to be able to take on the situation / person, like the emotional energy “backs you up” in a way; showing that you cannot stand alone, by yourself and your own words – but need emotional energy to ‘stand with you’. Additionally within this to see, realise and understand that it’s not about ‘speaking your MIND’ – speaking your mind, especially when in emotional reaction – is speaking reactions, it is then not you, your awareness speaking. (I will continue expanding on the difference between speaking your mind and speaking as self in posts to come)

So, with physically experiencing the emotion rising up within you and you rising with it further / deeper into the Mind – you will notice that you in that moment REALLY focus ONLY on how you feel, what you are thinking; so a complete separation manifests between you, the moment / situation in reality and then the other person. This then leads one to start ‘speaking your Mind’ and only perpetuates conflict / friction in your world / reality in relation to a situation / another person.

Therefore, for this post – what I would like you to observe for yourself are these two things:
ONE: how the physical body responds to the emotion coming up as it rises within you and TWO: how you internally only focus on your own thoughts and emotions in that moment, as though the thoughts and emotions are a lot more emphasized / standing out and clear  - really ‘highlighted’, so much so that you cannot take your attention off of it and it really captivates you and so captures you into/as the Mind, instead of being here with breath, yourself, the body and the moment in reality to be able to understand the situation and come up with a practical solution.

Why is it important to be able to observe this / become of aware of how we respond to thoughts and emotions and what is its relationship to Impatience? See: because Consciousness exist in ‘quantum time’ – it with emotion, for example, moves you SO FAST into the Mind and then brings up a lot of thoughts VERY fast, so you will also become aware of how fast and how many thoughts will come up in your Mind in the moment of an emotional reaction. This is to ensure you remain distracted from you, breath and the physical body – to not see the reality of the situation / moment / yourself and the other person – but keep on paying attention to your own thoughts and emotions. So, what happens within this – is: you come to believe in your own thoughts and reactions about a situation / person, instead of remaining calm and stable, moving in space-time breathing with the physical body and directly looking at the situation / person with awareness / commonsense and an outcome for a solution. It is really, really, really fascinating how one’s perspective of a situation / other person changes – with taking responsibility and forgiving your own thoughts and emotions, calming down and being stable and then instead looking at the situation, yourself and the other person with stability and clarity.
This is where Impatience plays a major role – we have not yet lived / applied the PATIENCE with OURSELVES, to not move so FAST and IMMEDIATE into the quantum time dimensions of emotional energy / consciousness, to just take a moment for ourselves, sort out our own thoughts / reactions and then look at the moment with such clarity and perspective.

One of the main things to understand when it comes to emotional reactions and then the thoughts / backchats that follows is that: whatever comes up in your mind – does not define the situation, nor the other person, but in fact reflects things to you that you have not directed / sorted out inside yourself. Therefore, before directing situations / people within it – take responsibility for yourself / your own mind, clear yourself and drop the veil of consciousness. Then, take a moment – that moment where you breathe and you’re sure you are clear and then take responsibility for the moment / the other person by LOOKING at how you are going to direct the situation / person into and as a practical solution.
In the next post, we’re going to have a look at how all the points come together, from Impatience to LIVING Patience with self, to how the quantum time dimensions of the mind and the space-time continuum of the physical come-together to assist and support in this process of looking at things / seeing direct; instead of shifting into impatience and so the quantum time of the Mind/Consciousness that manifest the necessary separation from yourself and physical reality to perpetuate consequence / compromise instead of bringing your world to solutions and direction.