Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Patience as Self/Living Expression (Part Three)


Patience as Self/Living Expression (Part Three)

So, this ‘movement’ of the mind, the body and also physical reality is important to note as we continue in the next post with how self-movement with breath/physical movement will assist and support with the self/living expression understanding of Patience in one’s personal process and so eventually in other’s processes. To so not get caught up in Time in the Mind with reactions of Patience / Impatience, but become the self/living expression of Patience that will in fact empower oneself to become the directive principle of oneself and one’s world instead of a victim to Time and one’s reactions to/towards it.

If one have a look at how the Mind moves – it is erratic, chaotic and unpredictable when observing thoughts and emotions that we deal with on a moment-to-moment basis throughout the day. If one had not yet observed one’s thoughts and emotions (what generally goes on in the Mind throughout the day) – I would suggest do so. Taking a day and see for oneself how one can be from one moment to the next: how often one change based on what thoughts and reactions (emotions and feelings) gets activated within oneself. See, the mind ‘moves’ so fast – the human awareness does not realise that it is thoughts / reactions on various levels/dimensions of our consciousness that FIRST ACTIVATES and THEN one participate / change / act. (One can understand more about the relationship between awareness, consciousness and the physical body in the Quantum Mind Self Awareness Series with seeing, realising and understanding for self how the Mind/Consciousness control our awareness).
Whereas with the Physical Body / this Physical Reality – movement is constant, stable and predictable; and within this movement there is an deep silence, yet an all-encompassing awareness of everything that constitutes the physical body / this physical reality if/as one would stand equal to and one with what is physical. With standing with one’s Awareness equal to and one with the Physical – one’s awareness becomes the directive principle, through decisions. Meaning, instead of one’s awareness always reacting to the Mind based on how the Mind automatically activates that then determines how one think / feel / act – the equation change to one’s awareness DIRECTING through first assessing the moment and everything/everyone within it in equality and oneness, making a decision with awareness and only then acting.

Now, there are two different realities at play here: the Mind Reality and the Physical Reality. The Mind Reality moves in ‘quantum time’ and the Physical Reality moves in space and time. The Mind Reality ‘quantum time movement’ is measured by energy and the Physical Reality space-time movement is measured by breath. Dependent on how much energy (emotions/feelings) you access/generate – depends on how fast / slow the Mind will move. Dependent on how slow / fast you breathe – depends on how slow / fast the general condition of the body moves. One can essentially liken the Mind’s movement as a lightning storm in the head-region of human beings and the Physical Body’s movement as a river-movement within itself and also within physical reality. So, one can imagine how the Lightning Storm of the Mind can ‘unsettle the waters’ in the Physical Body / this Physical Reality – which is what we do to ourselves most of the time, because our Awareness is participating / possessed in/as the Lightning Storm of the Mind instead of moving with and as the rivers of/as Physical space-time movement in physical reality.
This in itself is quite a fascinating point, because: we have our Awareness, Mind and Body. Now, this trinity exists in a ‘closed system’ as the physical body and we’re creating our relationship between the Mind and the Body with our Awareness – our acceptance and allowance of participating in and existing as the Mind in separation from the Physical. When one walk process and slow down with breath / physical movement – one will see for oneself how the thought comes up first, how the emotion comes up first that one’s awareness then ‘follow’ and ‘become’ and so live out the thought/emotion. With process, one can as the thought comes / as the emotion comes: already stop participation, stop oneself from automatically following’ the thought and emotion and CHANGE who / how one is in a moment. Therefore, because of this relationship of our awareness ‘following the Mind/pre-programmed Consciousness’ – we’re deliberately, in a way, moving into and as the lightning storms of the Mind/Consciousness, constantly and continuously ‘disturbing the waters of/as the physical body’ / ‘the stable substance of/as the physical body’. Everyone always ‘looking for / searching for peace, calm and stability’ – not seeing, realising and understanding that it cannot be found in the Mind / Consciousness ‘quantum time energy lightning storms’ – but only in/as equality and oneness with and as the physical body.  

We’ll in the next post continue with how exactly to be/become the living expression of/as Patience – with changing one’s relationship in moments from the quantum time movement of the Mind/Consciousness, to space and time movement of/as the Physical Body. How, from here – the self/living expression of Patience will emerge.