Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

How Bad can what comes Naturally be?: DAY 5


How Bad can what comes Naturally be?: DAY 5
The Desteni of Living – Utmost Potential (Part 5)
The Principle of Realising and Living my Utmost Potential

In this post and posts to come, I am discussing what ‘Realising and Living my Utmost Potential’ practically means – through showing how I have (and still do) live and realise this Principle.

STEP 1: Recognizing my own Potential (Self Forgiveness)

In the next post I will continue with the second dimension that opened up while watching The Lorax movie and then bring all the knowledge and information I shared thus far into practical living examples for you to be able to more practically comprehend how and why this process of change takes time, patience and discipline.

“How bad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally.”

In The Lorax movie, a character sings the above-mentioned song. To understand the context of the song, would really suggest watching the movie to also understand the context in which I will be placing the words of the song within this process we’re walking in relation to Utmost Potential.

The words / statement within the song that stood out for me was: “How bad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally.”
I looked at myself in the beginning of my process and did not for myself see any ‘reason’ to personally change. Even though my mind and my life was difficult / challenging – I in NO way had any IDEA the extent to which ‘who I am’ in thought, word and deed was in fact affecting and so creating my relationship to my physical body and so with people in general. In my life, I felt like a leaf being blown into any and all directions – so, I was directionless, irresponsible, powerless and above-all…I felt helpless, as though who I was / everything that I experienced was simply in the hands of ‘fate’…I was merely just ‘walking my life, walking me and that’s all there is to it’. So, to me – who/how I was: this is who/how I’ve always been…“naturally”. Meaning, it was not only in my ‘present’ – when I was 18 / 19 years old that I felt directionless, irresponsible, powerless and helpless, but looking back into my past – I was in fact making the statement that I am powerless / helpless to change myself / my life in any way, because I was not to blame for who I had become, how I was living and what I was doing with my life up to that point. It was the feeling of standing on a tight-rope – me standing in the centre, my past not being ‘my fault’ and my future also then not being ‘my fault / my responsibility’ – because who/how I was in the present, ‘I was not responsible for’ and because I felt powerless, helpless in my relationship to the past, I so felt this way n the present and so would feel this way about my future.

So, because of these dimensions…and obviously so much more, I simply accepted and believed that who I am is my ‘fate’, ‘cemented’…like, ‘this is it’. But, when I was introduced to the process of writing, self forgiveness – I initially didn’t write as much, but immediately started living it, applying it – in moments assessing my thoughts / emotions, taking that step back, applying forgiveness within myself / out loud and then changing myself…slowly but surely a ‘fire’ started rising within me…like, I started wanting more for myself, I started wanting more for myself out of life, I wanted to better myself in who I am within thought, word and deed…I actually wanted the responsibility for who/how I was in thought, word and deed. Because, with walking my process – I started empowering myself with realising I can change and with change – affect / influence and so direct my relationships with others and my life in general. Realising, knowing and living this…is and has been awesome.

And so, within my process – obviously with walking writing, self forgiveness and then the actual self change in moments and from there when the Portalling opened – I realised that who / how I was…was NOT ‘Natural’, it was never a ‘this is it’, cemented, ‘lost-in-the-hands-of-fate’ situation – but that we only think/believe it’s ‘natural’, because it apparently ‘comes naturally’ when you look at how thoughts and emotions comes up within you. When in fact, it doesn’t happen ‘naturally’ – your thoughts and emotions are programmed into an automated SYSTEM as the Mind Consciousness System that functions based on external and internal stimuli that activates the input-output mechanism, which determines accordingly who you are in moments and what you live. So, this is also what we do through the Portalling with interviews available on EQAFE, through DIP Lite, through DIP Pro: showing you what your MIND in fact is, how your REAL NATURAL AWARENESS had been suppressed / repressed and how to access and eventually LIVE your REAL SELF.

Therefore, the point I’d like to make within this post is to primarily understand, as I have and so many others – that: who/what you are now in relation to the Mind is not ‘natural’…but ‘automated’; we’ve become organic robots instead of LIVING BEINGS and for anyone that can relate to this experience of yourself, where you can’t even conceive of self change and the empowerment that self-responsibility can bring to you within yourself and your life – I would really suggest investigating Desteni, EQAFE, DIP Lite and DIP Pro…where you can SHOW YOURSELF and so SEE for YOURSELF how what you have always believed yourself to be…was never natural / real / true and that you can realise so much more about yourself and life if you’d start becoming the SEED of SELF-POTENTIAL.

Will continue more in the next post…


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