Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

When I want to Sleep my problems away – yet my problems keep me Awake…


When I want to Sleep my problems away – yet my problems keep me Awake…

Then continue with point 2. – the second dimension I experienced contributing to sleepless and restless nights, which is when you have stressful / emotional thoughts and experiences within you creating the inner conflict of alertness and exhaustion; also how to assist and support yourself when facing such experiences within you.

Many use sleep as an escape mechanism…especially when it comes to having to wake up in the mornings and you really just don’t want to, because everything of you knows what is ahead when you open your eyes and walk into the day: having to deal with yourself, others and life. What I mean with having to deal with yourself: is the non-stop inner conflict you can be presented with within your thoughts and emotions, having to deal with your inner reality. This is most difficult at times when you don’t have the tools / guidance when it comes to directing your thoughts and emotions. I have personally found that: if my inner reality is in chaos / conflict – it makes it exceptionally difficult / challenging to deal with the unpredictable we walk into when it comes to everyday life, which creates a third dimension of conflict: the conflict between the inner and the outer.

1st Dimension of conflict: Inner conflict
This is when you have things going on inside yourself in relation to yourself, others / life itself that keeps you occupied in your thoughts and emotions.

2nd Dimension of conflict: Outer conflict
This happens as you walk your day and things happen / transpire in everyday life you didn’t expect which tends to ADD to the already existent inner conflict within you

3rd Dimension of conflict:
This is when there’s a ‘clash’ of sorts between your inner reality and outer reality – where, as you’re dealing with things inside yourself, more things happen outside yourself with relationships / situations. So as you’re essentially walking pre-existent inner conflict within yourself, you’re also at the same time met with outer conflict with things happening in moments throughout your day. This is what makes it so the more challenging / difficult to direct your outer world, because your inner world is also not being directed. This leads to much stress and anxiety as you’re essentially living in chaos with accepting and allowing such a life within and without.

I realised that I can’t predict the outcome of each day. The only power I have is in MOMENTS throughout my day AS and WHEN things happen. However, I’ve realised that: as long as I have problems / issues inside myself I am not dealing with / directing it tends to disempower me in MOMENTS throughout my day, because then - instead of DIRECTING or solving conflicts / problems that I’m met with throughout my day, I tend to project / exert my own personal issues / problems / inner conflicts onto / towards things I walk into / experience in everyday life. Therefore, I cannot control the conflicts / problems I face in everyday life – but I can take response-ability (the ability to respond as becoming the directive principle) of my own mind, my own thoughts and emotions within me.

So, by taking my power in my relationship with my own mind – resolving the INNER conflicts I face / experience, I can so walk my everyday life experience in such a way where I can ensure that my own inner conflicts are not projected / exerted onto / towards the unexpected / unpredictable I may face in everyday life. Walking my everyday life experience with more stability and clarity within myself, empowering myself to in moments – rather than projecting/exerting emotions / reactions onto something / someone – assess the person/people and situations much better, to stand within the self empowered position of always finding  /creating solutions, rather than creating even more conflict / chaos.  

We don’t realise that this is what we do / accept / allow if we continue with inner conflict / chaos – we become / embody this chaos within and it start filtering through our words and actions, especially in moments where we should be standing to find solutions, we instead ADD to problems / conflict / chaos in everyday life. Therefore, with you assisting and supporting yourself to transform your relationship with inner conflict / chaos to sorting it out, dealing with things you’re going through and directing it – you embody such a nature / presence within and as yourself and it will equally start filtering into your outside world life experiences. Where, instead of adding to problems / conflicts, you will be able to stand in such a way so as to always direct it, find solutions, resolve matters.

In the next post I will continue with how these three dimensions of conflict contributes to sleepless, restless nights and the irony of wanting to use sleep as an escape mechanism…yet, you’ll find your worries, fears and problems follow you to sleep and tends to do the exact opposite by keeping you awake!


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