Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Becoming Dependable: The Beginning

Becoming Dependable: The Beginning

“What would it mean to enable myself, the living pen as the process of living the word dependable?” “What would it practically mean for me, my relationship with who I am in thought, word and deed to live the word ‘dependable’ and what role does purpose play within this all?”

In this post, I am continuing with the above questions as well as expanding on the following:

To those who love writing / drawing / painting: the best moment is when you have that blank page before you and you have the DECISION to EXPRESS the UTMOST of yourself from the moment you start writing / drawing / painting. This is exactly the same for the MOMENTS we have in everyday life when we have a DECISION before us the moment we recognise the fact that our thoughts and inner experiences are not reflecting our potential: to make the decision to CHANGE, to LIVE in thought word and deed the WORD you’re going to WRITE / LIVE in THAT MOMENT.

Here is my beginning with living the word ‘dependable’ in my first and foremost relationship: my relationship with ME – who I am in thought, word and deed. Together with incorporating the word purpose: how I placed my SELF (through what I have as my ability to look, speak, act and within that DECIDE) – to PURPOSE. I essentially merged the words ‘dependable’ and ‘purpose’ within myself in a way where, living the word ‘dependable’ supported the word ‘purpose’ as much as the word ‘purpose’ supported the word ‘dependable’.

This is what is so exciting and liberating when it comes to the process of redefining and living words: How you change and so CREATE yourself through redefining and living individual words, but also reach a phase where you start having a look at uniting / connecting words; such as the words dependable and purpose in a way that supports you in your relationship with yourself, your mind, your relationships and everyday life experiences!

An example: Redefining the word ‘dependable’ for me was to look into both words, ‘dependable’ and ‘purpose’. With having a look at these two words in the beginning of my process when I started Portalling and my responsibility when it came to Portalling: my definition of ‘purpose’ was my relationship to bringing through the beings, to Portal, to share as much knowledge and information that could be placed into living practise / application to show people the process through the Mind into their Utmost Potential as living Self Awareness. Dependability then within that was my personal process WITHIN myself – being the living / leading example, by being more aware of who I am in thought, word and deed – placing a GUARD infront of my MIND, my MOUTH and my LIVING ACTIONS. A GUARD as ME as the MOMENT I GIFT to myself through self forGIFTness to take a BREATH, take a STEP BACK and assess in MOMENTS “who I am” and whether what is moving / manifesting within me is what I want to speak / live or whether I am going to DIRECT and MOVE myself into and as a different expression.

So, here you can see how my ‘self dependability’ as depending on me to be a living / leading example of the purpose I walk and committed to within and as Portalling and the knowledge and information as process the beings are sharing through me – how these two words compliment and support one another in my life, my self and my responsibility towards me and Portalling.
However…I have through time, within the definitions and living of the words ‘purpose’ and ‘dependable’ found that there were some ‘misalignments’ in my initial self definition of the word ‘dependable’. I was satisfied with how I lived the word ‘purpose’ when it came to my responsibility and commitment (as well as MUCH ENJOYMENT!!!) to Portalling. However…I realised I still personally in this world and the hereafter walked my personal processes and experiences through my own mind, being and body relationship - in such a way where I didn’t always ‘feel’ or ‘see’ myself as ‘dependable’ in my personal process and so as an example for so many others. Until I realised: there was a part of me that defined the word ‘dependable’ in “being dependable FOR EVERYONE, FOR THE PORTAL, FOR PROCESS” and so, whenever I made a mistake, or went through a process – I would be VERY hard on myself…and unnecessarily so.

Here again, leading me to asking myself: With having the PURPOSE I do have. The responsibility I have within and as this purpose that is me, that is my life…how can I start redefining and living the word ‘dependable’ for ME first and foremost and from here SHARE and EXPRESS and be a living example of this word for so many others who can, in turn, empower themselves by redefining and living this word?
For so many others, when you have so much responsibility, such a massive purpose – does dependability mean “you have to be perfect all the time?” Does dependability mean “perfection” OR…does it mean “being a SUPPORTIVE EXAMPLE?” What is the difference between “perfection” and “being a supportive example?” To me, being a supportive example is: when and as you go through processes and experiences, make mistakes – that you LEARN and SHARE and SHOW as a supportive example for others to equally LEARN FROM YOU as YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MISTAKES. ‘Cause I initially defined ‘dependability’ within ‘my purpose / responsibility’ as “I have to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!”. This was a mistake…

I will continue more in the next post


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