Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Once upon a time, there was an Idea that met with Reality…


Once upon a time, there was an Idea that met with Reality…

In the next post I will share more tangible, practical examples expanding on making a definition of a word too ABSOLUTE and not allowing yourself to be FLEXIBLE within redefining and living words. Also, what can happen when you try and be TOO PERFECT within living a redefined word and how you can create positive and negative polarities within yourself, relationships and life in general – which can contribute to the experience of ‘falling, standing up, falling’ – instead of more looking at such a process as a process of learning, reflecting and changing.

Continuing with my process with the word dependable: in this post I’m going to share how I discovered that an IDEA I created about myself in my Mind – interfered with my process of expanding myself and my relationship/living within the word dependable. How this ‘idea’ contributed to making my definition and living of myself ‘too absolute’ / ‘polarised’; to the extent where I blamed myself for having done something wrong / not being good enough (other times even blamed other people for my ‘falling’ in the living of the word dependable). Instead of realising that: there was nothing ‘wrong’ / ‘I nor anyone was to blame’ / ‘I didn’t fall’. All the while it was an IDEA running in the background of my mind simply interfering with me seeing, realising and understanding that all I needed to do was to change, move, expand and GROW within myself and my definition of the word dependable!

Creating an ‘idea’ about yourself is one of the dimensions that interferes with allowing you to be more ‘flexible’ in your self definition that emerge once you redefined yourself through redefining and living a word. Creating an ‘idea’ about yourself shifts MOST of you into this ONE / few idea(s) and so can lose touch with the truth of you and the reality of the unpredictable / unexpected nature of everyday life. I realised that it was an IDEA about myself that was in fact challenging my definition, redefinition and living of the word dependable / self dependable when it came to my process regarding mistakes and also my process in my relationship with other people. This idea ‘trapped me’ to not be able to EXPAND myself, my redefinition and living of the word dependable; because when the IDEA of myself was challenged – I went into blaming myself / being hard on myself; thinking I WAS THE PROBLEM lol Yes, to a certain extent “I” was the problem, but not ALL of me – only a part of me that became defined into / as this idea. Let me explain:

From the previous posts I shared how I initially started my redefinition of the word dependable when it came to changing my relationship to mistakes and then in my working environment with specific people. This during a time where my life was pretty much the same / consistent day in and day out. Not very much exposed to different people / environments. So, with living the redefinition of the word dependable ONLY with here and there everyday life mistakes and becoming dependable in my work environment, my relationship with others: this is where I started creating this IDEA about myself to the extent of “I can make and face ANY mistake and I’ll handle it like a pro!” / “I am SO good in my dependable work relationships / relationship with others – I can do this anywhere, with anyone, any time!”
This is what I mean with ‘creating an IDEA’ about yourself. Yes, I may have transcended my relationship to mistakes, to my working environment and people within it: but by no means can I state that I can stand before ANY and EVERY mistake, ANY and EVERY person and be a ‘pro’ when it comes to being dependable. I’d only started my process. I was only a beginner. So, when this idea of myself met with REALITY – where my environment and relationship with people / beings changed: lol was this idea of myself challenged!!! I am eternally grateful for this challenge reality brought, well – the gratefulness only came after learning from it of course, the challenge itself was rather difficult!

I will in the next post continue with sharing how, when and where this idea of myself was challenged when it met with reality. How self honesty supported me to realise this. Finally, how to assist and support yourself to prevent yourself from creating IDEAS about yourself when it comes to redefining and living words, but always keep the door of opportunity for learning, expansion and growth open.



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