Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

From Fighting time to Walking with Time


From Fighting time to Walking with Time

In the next post, we’ll continue with how to change the relationship between Time and Sequences of Events from reacting to it in Patience / Impatience – to directing self within and as Time and Sequences of Events where no emotional/feeling reactions are necessary. Then, finally – we can have a look at what Patience would mean as a Living Word that is not limited to/as the definition of Time ONLY…

Self-Commitment Statements
[In this post, we’re introducing self-commitment statements. Now that we have walked writing and self forgiveness, (which is the process of understanding and taking responsibility for a point within oneself/the mind such as the relationship between Time, Patience and Impatience and realising how this relationship compromised oneself/one’s living): we’re now walking the process of ‘preparing the road before us’ to actually apply the change in real time moments – from accepting/allowing reactions, to taking self-responsibility and changing. Therefore, the self commitment statements prepare us to implement practical change in moments when facing ourselves in/as the Mind.]

I commit myself to - when and as I already from the get-go face a moment where I have to equate sequences of events into/as time (seconds, minutes, hours) – that I assist/support myself to not equate this relationship into/as a ‘tunnel vision time-frame’, but that I consider possible/probable contingencies that could interfere with the initial projected time-frame and so prepare the way before me so that I do not go into reactions of Patience/Impatience, but walk with reality / sequences of events and any/all unpredictable outcomes / interferences.
In this, I commit myself to assist and support myself to ensure that already within this planning phase of equating sequences of events into/as time - that I do not hold any reactions within me in relation to any possible/probable contingencies, but that when I plan my day/appointment/meeting – I make sure I am clear and stand clear within all outcomes: whether it goes as planned or whether it goes unplanned.

An example:
In this process of planning my day/appointment/meeting – I take a moment and use my Imagination constructively to ‘walking my day’ within myself. I can do this in the morning before getting up – walk my day within myself as I planned and the time each event will take. In this, I make sure I walk my day practically with no reactions in relation to time and sequences of events. Then I walk the day again within myself – this time, including possible/probable contingencies and how much more time certain events would take if contingencies were to manifest. In this, as I walk the particular events with contingencies and a longer time-frame – I make sure I do not react within myself, but instead look at / look for solutions. Once this is done, I get up and walk my day as I have prepared myself.
It may so happen that contingencies do manifest and I still react, even though I had prepared myself for them – I simply then again take responsibility for reactions, walk self forgiveness within myself, stabilize myself and then look at practical solutions for the unpredictable that came about within my day.

I commit myself to – in moments where I find I am reacting in Impatience to/towards a person/appointment/meeting take a deep in-breath, speak a self-forgiveness statement within myself that is specifically in relation to the Impatience reaction and remind myself that: physical reality is not emotional, time is not emotional – therefore, reacting in emotion to reality sequences of events is not going to help the situation, let alone me. I instead make the decision to re-align myself within the relationship between time and sequences of events and so in relationship to my day, because I see/realise/understand that I would only react in this moment if I had separated myself from reality, from space and time sequences of events and I am attempting to/trying to control reality and outcomes through my Mind, with emotion – trying to force reality into/as a time-frame within and as my own Mind.

An example:
Everything in my day had gone according to plan. My day was very full and I had just enough time to fit everything in. I’m on my way to the last appointment of the day and if this appointment works out, I will be home just in time for the start of the evening responsibilities. I reach this last appointment and I find that there was a miscommunication between two bookings done at the same time – the first individual had already gone in, which means I have to wait. Normally, I would react – to the secretary and/or the person that went in before me, I would usually give a big sigh, frown, become tense as I react in anger / frustration and sit and wait in/as Impatience. Instead, even before I go into such reactions – where I notice that my body is wanting to tense up in/as an emotional reaction, I close my eyes for a moment, take a breath and sit down and utilize the time to walk some self forgiveness statements within myself instead and stabilize myself. To see/realise/understand within this that: blaming the secretary / the individual that had gone before me – is not the solution to the situation, nor is it going to help the situation. This could have happened to me as well had I been the secretary, so reacting would be pointless as I do not have all the information of what happened that caused a double-booking miscommunication. Instead, I take responsibility for my reactions – find the moment where I reacted and why. In this instance, for example: realising that I, myself, initially reacted because my day was going ‘so well’ in relation to time and sequences of events and this one moment caught me off guard a bit. So, I forgive myself and once I’m stable and re-position myself in relation to time and sequences of events – with this appointment taking longer than anticipated – I again walk my evening within myself, using my Imagination constructively and see what I can move/shift/change around to get as much done of my evening responsibilities as possible.

We’ll continue more in the next post


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