Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Practically Recognizing my Own Potential (Part 2): DAY 7


Practically Recognizing my Own Potential (Part 2): DAY 7
The Desteni of Living – Utmost Potential (Part 7)
The Principle of Realising and Living my Utmost Potential

In this post and posts to come, I am discussing what ‘Realising and Living my Utmost Potential’ practically means – through showing how I have (and still do) live and realise this Principle.

STEP 1: Recognizing my own Potential (Self Forgiveness)

So, when I started the process of forgiving myself for accepting and allowing such thoughts, for accepting and allowing the emotions to overwhelm me, for accepting and allowing myself to immediately take another’s words personally – especially with an emotional starting point…my eyes started to open to what I was in fact doing to myself and how little I could in fact trust my own thoughts and emotions when it came to listening to them and automatically believing them in this context of taking another’s words personally…instead of taking that step back, HEARING their words, considering them and then responding with commonsense.

In this post I will walk a practical example process of how I assisted and supported myself to change this point within me and my living.

A suggestion I have for those starting process, is to look for yourself in your mind / relationship with others – the ONE point you would like to start changing.
What I did for myself was start my process with the above point I walked in the previous blog and this blog now, which was ‘taking things personally’. I identified this point based on the extent of emotion that was involved within it. Meaning, I asked myself the question: “in what moments / with whom in my life do I ‘break down / become the most emotional’?” Essentially, having a look at where, when and towards whom in my current real-time life experience I accepted and allowed my own thoughts and emotions to change who and how I am the most. With asking myself this question – I identified this point of taking things personally and from there started walking my process of writing, forgiveness and corrective application. To understand WHY and how I accepted and allowed such a point to exist within me, to become AWARE of who I am in relation to the point, its consequences / compromises on me and others, to then from there assert and direct myself to CHANGE me and so my relationship with others.

What I personally found in the beginning of my process is that it was easier for me to identify emotions – the energy-experiences of the Mind. This because the ‘taking things personally’ point was so extensive within me and my relationship to others together – that my Mind moved so FAST in the beginning of my process; I often struggled to be able to stop participation in my thoughts / backchats / projections that would come up and would only realise I was already possessed within a Mind point when the emotional energy was overwhelming.
Later on in my process I came to realise that the main REASON my thoughts, memories, backchats, projections etc. would move so fast, almost too fast for me to take a step back within myself and breathe before the energy would start coming up, is because I had been fuelling this point with emotional energy for most of my life. So much so that, before I knew it – I was already participating in and believing my thoughts, falling into emotional energy and in that state – I was completely in my mind, in an emotional state. There are many things that contribute to a point within your Mind being overwhelming, but for the beginning of your process – starting with taking responsibility for emotions / being in an emotional state will assist and support greatly with taking the first step of realising and applying your potential to decide who and how you are within yourself and your living.

In terms of the research we have done throughout the years through the Portal, we have found that our Minds primarily function off of emotional and feeling energy, so if a point in the Mind contains A LOT of energy – this allows for this point to overwhelm you more easily. Therefore, as with me – when I started taking on the emotional energy connected to the ‘taking things personally’, every moment it came up and I became aware of the energy, how it made me feel, the effects of it on my physical body – I would start speaking self forgiveness within myself until I stabilize and the energy release. Then, once I was out of the energy-veil (this is what I found emotional energy does – it veils you from seeing the detail of what in the mind contributed to generating the substantial amount of energy to be able to see / investigate and introspect the thoughts I would listen to / automatically believe coming up within me) – so, once I was out of the energy-veil, I would sit with myself and write-out what exactly triggered within me, check the nature of the thoughts / backchats / projections and then the next time commit to look out for them and start practising stop participating in the thoughts etc. BEFORE the emotional energy would activate and take over.

Another reason I had found it to be easier to initially identify and forgive emotional energy in relation to a specific point, is that: if you look at where thoughts / backchats / memories etc. comes up – it manifests directly within the centre of your head. This contributes to you more easily / readily directly being caught up in the things that come up in the head – because it’s like “right in your face”, in a way. Yet, emotional energy – I have found, comes up in the solar plexus area of the physical body and because for most of your life, your attention/focus had been right in front of you/within you in the head area – you have more ‘time and space’ to assess, feel and become aware of energy activating in the solar plexus area of the body as you have to actually move yourself / your awareness to a different point / part of your body to identify / define the energy coming up.

In the next post, I will expand more on practical ways I have played with in the beginning of my process as an example of how you can start your process of taking the first step of realising your potential to decide and so change who / how you are within yourself and your living. Also, how I assisted and supported myself to slow myself down, which slowed my Mind down to be able to see and so direct myself effectively in relation to my Mind as the thoughts and emotions.


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