Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Patience as Self/Living Expression (Part Two)


Patience as Self/Living Expression (Part Two)

Who I am as Patience (continued)

In the next post, we’ll continue with practical examples to understand the HERE, to understand the MOVEMENT of the Mind and the Body, to understand what it means to stand equal to and one with Time and Sequences of Events and finally to understand what PATIENCE in fact is within it all.

So, to understand how the Mind and the Physical Body MOVES and how we MOVE within the Mind-Body relationship – we’re going to have a look at the equation “Movement = Sequences of Events = Time” that we discussed in the previous post; as this is the equation that defines the HERE.

In and as the HERE, one stand equal-to and one-with how the Mind moves, how the Mind and the Body moves and can so to a certain degree predict how an individual’s life will move in the future based-on their starting point in the Mind and the Body and how decisions are made and lived to perpetuate movement in their life/living experience.
So, one can essentially say that the HERE is having access to / standing equal to and one with everything and all that moves constantly and continuously within and as this existence. Obviously, to stand within and as such a point and the responsibility that goes with it – is an extensive process of in fact standing equal to and one with the Mind, the physical body, all the dimensions that constitute the mind and this physical existence – it’s a stance of ABSOLUTE equality and oneness with all and everything that is here as self. This ABSOLUTE point I am mentioning here is where we’re looking at the point of PATIENCE from an ABSOLUTE point – where Patience in/as such a stand is an UNDERSTANDING of how things move in ALL dimensions. In such a stand of equality and oneness, comes the responsibility of knowing when to intervene / assist and support an individual in their process, when to step back, when to ‘wait’ for things to first play-out / move before one can step in/intervene which is where ‘Patience’ in this absolute sense comes in – a ‘waiting for things to first move / play out before one can step in/assist and support’. But again: this Patience / Waiting is not a REACTION – it is an UNDERSTANDING that “I have to wait before I can step in / assist and support”, for example.  
I will in posts to come go more in-depth into/as such an ABSOLUTE point of Patience / Waiting and the Understanding of movement of the Mind, the Body and the multi-dimensions of the mind and physical reality. I for the moment prepared the way so that one can have some context in relation to REAL Patience / Waiting when it comes to standing equal to and one with how the mind and reality in fact exists, which is as MOVEMENT.

Now, let’s take it through to our personal processes and how we can assist and support ourselves with living Patience as we walk through our own Mind process and Physical process to stand equal to and one with ourselves as the Mind and the Body: Let’s first understand the Mind’s MOVEMENT. If one have a look at thoughts – when one is thinking about something/someone and at the same time, reactions come up within oneself: one will find that one can ‘measure’ the amount of time one spends thinking / reacting and/or can measure the time it takes for the energy / thought to initially come up and then become more intense. However, if you have a look at thoughts – or even memories coming up in the mind and so also energy: it MOVES. It has a movement / flow to it as it enters your Conscious Mind and the energy rises up from your solar plexus.
Similar to the Mind – all parts of the physical body, from the big to the small, exists within this principle of movement that can be measured by time. It is this movement in the Mind and the Body and also with everything else in the outside world that we have ‘missed’ when it comes to “Time in the Mind” and when one shift out of physical reality / the physical body and only assess this world / reality through “Time in the Mind”.
All of this may seem ‘obvious’ now, but the question is – how often have you considered how thoughts / memories and emotional / feeling energy moves? How much more do we directly participate in thoughts /memories and emotions/feelings as well as TIME in relation to our external world / reality as defined within and as the Mind?

So, this ‘movement’ of the mind, the body and also physical reality is important to note as we continue in the next post with how self-movement with breath/physical movement will assist and support with the self/living expression understanding of Patience in one’s personal process and so eventually in other’s processes. To so not get caught up in Time in the Mind with reactions of Patience / Impatience, but become the self/living expression of Patience that will in fact empower oneself to become the directive principle of oneself and one’s world instead of a victim to Time and one’s reactions to/towards it.


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