Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Patience and Time (Part 1)


Patience and Time (Part 1)

We’ll continue more in the next post with investigating Impatience – especially in relation to how Impatience and also Patience is defined in relation to “time” within our Minds, when there is in fact much more involved within/as Patience /Impatience when it comes to how we define it/live it within our Minds, through our Physical Bodies into creation within/as our Physical World/Reality.

Writing (continued)

Let’s have a look at some questions: How can I practically live Patience? How can I define Patience in such a way that it has a structure/foundation within its definition so that I can implement it in my day-to-day living?

The reason I am asking these questions is because: I can define Impatience for myself – it has a definitive mental and physical reference/experience. However, with Patience – all I at this stage can define it as, is: “being calm/steady when waiting and to not become Impatient”. So, what I have looked at regarding the current definition of Patience is that: Impatience is a circle and out of that circle – another circle emerge, which would be Patience. Thus, Patience flows out of Impatience. But, what I have found within this relationship of Impatience and Patience being interconnected is that they create a Polarity: to be ‘Patient’ one first has to go through Impatience.
Therefore, we have created an emotional and feeling / negative and positive polarity-relationship to Patience and Impatience – with Patience the positive-feeling and Impatience the negative-emotion. With understanding how the Mind Consciousness System operate/function – Polarities always balances each other out. So, as long as Patience and Impatience is connected to emotions/feelings as positive/negative energy in the Mind, is exists as a polarity in the Mind and with that – a polarity that will always try and balance itself out. When you start with Impatience – reacting emotionally in/as Impatience, then you can balance that emotional/negative reaction with Patience as a ‘positive feeling’ that takes over the Mind and Body and then one ‘settle for a moment’. Or, at times – it doesn’t ‘balance out’ from Impatience to Patience and the Impatience reactions/emotional state in the Mind and Body continues building until it ‘discharges’ in the Mind and the Body and one act/speak/exert the accumulated energy out into the world/onto another person.

The next question within this is: does Impatience and Patience then really in fact exist? Meaning, if we look ‘beyond’ the words, into/as through the words and what they actually consist of/exist as – it’s more about the ENERGY, the emotions/feelings that the words produce through our Minds; than the words in fact being practical living principles that assist/support us in our day-to-day living interactions/experiences.
Have a look: If we have defined Impatience and Patience in relation to “time” – and limited the definition of Impatience/Patience in relation to time as well as locking the words into/as emotional/feeling energy; when an external event happens in relation to Time, it will thus ‘trigger / activate’ Impatience, which will trigger/activate the emotional/negative energy that will then lead us to either build/accumulate the reaction and take it out on others/our world and have the energy discharge. Or we’ll ‘band aid’ the emotional reaction through jumping to the positive polarity / feeling energy of/as Patience and then in the Mind and Body ‘settle down for a moment’. But, the thing is: another occasion will manifest in our worlds where we will react to Time – either in the positive/negative as Patience/Impatience and the entire cycle will then repeat. We’re not seeing/realising/understanding how words have come to belong to the Mind – where within/behind words are emotional/feeling energy: instead of Self Awareness. Instead of the words being integrated into/as our Awareness into Physical Practical Living that in fact Produce/Create an experience/relationships that enrich ourselves/our lives and that of others – words have been integrated into/as the Mind/Consciousness and exist within a self-serving nature, as the emotions/feelings only produce a reaction within ourselves, and do not serve to benefit our life/living and relationship to others.

So, now we have to look at the following structure:
We have time as One Circle at the top – with two circles connected to the Initial Circle: the Circle on the left represents Impatience and the Circle on the right represents Patience. With the Impatience filled with negative energy and the Patience filled with positive energy – all tied to the definition/relationship of Time. So, in these relationships of words/energies in relationship to our external environment: every moment ‘Time’ is triggered within our worlds in relation to Patience/Impatience – out comes the energy-reactions, both of which only benefit ourselves and/or create consequence in our world in relationship to others.

So, what does it mean, then – to remove the emotional/feeling energy charges and integrate the words Impatience/Patience into/as Self-Aware Living?

This we’ll continue with in the next post


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