Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium

Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium

 Who I am as Patience (continued)

We’ll in the next post continue with how exactly to be/become the living expression of/as Patience – with changing one’s relationship in moments from the quantum time movement of the Mind/Consciousness, to space and time movement of/as the Physical Body. How, from here – the self/living expression of Patience will emerge.

Now, the ‘trick’ is to essentially be able to exist in quantum time and physical space-time simultaneously – where quantum time and physical space-time exist in equilibrium as our beingness and physical body relationship exist in equilibrium. What do I mean by this?

Our Mind and Beingness exist within ‘quantum time dimensions’, our physical body exist within this space-time dimension. We already exist in multiple-dimensions simultaneously. It is obvious that our Mind/Consciousness exist in a different dimension – given the fact that, for example, our Imagination – when we imagine/fantasize, it does not ‘materialize’ into physical matter, yet it does ‘materialize’ within a different substance / dimension within our physical bodies, within this physical dimension. While we are imagining / fantasizing – we’re simultaneously participating in ‘quantum time’ and ‘physical space-time’, because a part of ourselves is in the physical body breathing, ‘relatively aware’ of our environment and another part of ourselves is in the imagination / fantasy – where the imagination / fantasy moves / play outs quite fast, much faster than the space-time it would take if one were to live it out in physical reality. At the moment, our Mind and Beingness – existing within a ‘quantum time dimension’ is not in equilibrium with our Physical Body existing within a space-time dimension. Why and how is this equilibrium not existing and what are the consequences of this?

Throughout the history of human civilization – the ‘human consciousness’ has been attempting to ‘ascend’ / ‘travel’ into the ‘multitude of dimensions that the Mind / Consciousness’ consist of. Never realising how the dimensions of the Mind / Consciousness is made up of ENERGY – with this energy resourced from physical matter / the substance of/as the physical body. The physical body itself consist of a multitude of dimensions – but, the physical body’s dimensions have not yet been explored by humans, because you cannot get access into the physical body’s dimensions via Consciousness. You can only get access into the physical body’s dimensions via your Beingness. What does this mean?
At the moment, the human’s beingness is channelled into the Mind / Consciousness SYSTEM – this SYSTEM that can only exist by resourcing its existence as energy from/of the substance of the Physical, with this substance existing in a deep dimension within the Physical Body / this Physical Existence. So, now one can understand why one cannot reach the depth of the dimensions existent in the Physical Body through Consciousness / the Mind as it use / abuse the physical body / it’s substance / physical dimensions and change / transforms it into/as energy to essentially create the ‘energized’ imaginations / fantasies and thoughts we have in our Conscious / Subconscious Mind, for example. What I mean by ‘energized’ is how everything we participate in within the Conscious / Subconscious Mind has an emotional / feeling ‘charge’ to it, either a ‘positive / negative’ connotation and this is the primary function of Consciousness: to keep us separate from the Physical Body / Physical Substance and the dimensions within this physical existence, so that it can be resourced to produce emotional / feeling energy to charge the constructs / systems of the Mind and to charge the multiple dimensions of the quantum time reality we exist within in the Mind / Consciousness System.
Therefore, human beings have No Awareness in the Physical Body / this Physical Existence and are completely separated from it – distracted ONLY into the quantum time reality of the Mind / Consciousness. So, our Mind-Beingness relationship – now in separation from the Physical Body / this Physical Dimension cannot exist / co-exist in the Physical Body in and as the space-time dimension(s) that are HERE, because we’re in a conflict with our own Bodies in and as multiple dimensions / ways. The consequence of this – we’ll continue with in the next post. Also explaining the process of equalizing the quantum time of our Beingness with the space-time of the Physical and how Patience and the living of this word plays a role within this all.


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