Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

I’m Tired of Fighting

I’m Tired of Fighting

We fight with our own thoughts
We fight against the inner conflict we experience when emotions seem to get the upper hand inside ourselves and we’re fraught in moments with what seems to be a never-ending chaos
We fight with ourselves to act normal – be presentable, accepted, not judged
We fight when we judge ourselves
We fight just to get through another day
We fight with ourselves in the mornings to wake up
We fight with ourselves in the evening to try and rest
We fight with money
We fight with survival
We fight with others in our imaginations or through our actions / words
We even fight when we suppress – subtly manipulating ourselves or others out of spite
We feel like we have to fight sometimes to be heard or seen
We feel like we have to fight against the world / people / systems to help reach out to those who can’t help themselves – such as reaching out for funding, donations, food, water, education, healthcare and other basic needs
We fight with our own bodies
We fight with the nature / experience of our present lives – never happy / satisfied with who we are, why we are, where we are
We fight for a better self / mind / body
We fight against other’s beliefs, opinions, ideas, religions, spiritualities, views
We fight with our own memories
We fight with our imaginations / fantasies
We fight to survive
We fight to live
We fight to be loved / accepted / cherished, cared for, noticed
We fight when we do our best to stand up for others who can’t in moments for themselves, when most around you want to fight / attack
We fight when we believe the solution we see to things is the ONLY way and not willing to incorporate or include others’ insights and perspectives to expand on solutions even more
We fight to try and make a difference to so many problems in this world – when you have to come against the money system, politics, governments, laws, officials
We fight to try and make a difference in another’s person’s life who refuses to help themselves / change for the better of not only themselves but others as well
We fight with our own suppressions
We fight through addictions / habitual behaviour patterns we know are compromising ourselves and others on some level or another
We fight for change
We fight to change
We fight the very food we eat
We fight the water we drink
We fight healthcare systems
We fight money systems
We fight against political systems
We fight against education systems
We fight against governments
We fight those who have money
We fight those who don’t have money
We fight with ourselves when we make a mistake
We fight with others when they make mistakes…
…the list can go on when you start seeing and understanding this nature of fighting that exists within us and our lives.

For today’s post – I would like each one to realise and observe how much and how often this nature of ‘fighting’ comes through within yourself, towards yourself, towards others and life in general. It happens so much and so often…it’s shocking to realise for yourself the extent to which we still accept and allow this in everyday life.
I have given examples above regarding this nature of fighting. To specify more: this nature / experience of fighting can come through in subtle and intense ways inside yourself, towards others and life in general. It’s the experience in moments where your emotions intensify, your body becomes rigid / tense and your entire being / presence goes into a state of ‘attack or defence’. These moments actually happen more throughout your day than you realise – leading to a mental and physical exhaustion we are barely aware of, but can create many different outflow consequences.

So, for this post: have a look at the nature of fighting in the small / subtle moments of everyday life. To become aware of the extent this ‘fighting experience’ exists within you, because in the next post we’ll have a look at how this often leads to a moment within yourself where you say: “I’m tired of fighting” / “I don’t want to fight anymore” / “Is there another way”? I have reached this point within myself and my process many times when I accepted and allowed this ‘nature of fighting’ within me to take control / overwhelm my thoughts and emotional experiences – reaching a point of mental and physical exhaustion that this ‘fighting experience’ within me has created. But, it also opened my eyes to realising the various ways this ‘fighting’ has come to manifest on a collective and global scale within humanity and why my eyes were previously veiled from seeing the extent of the problem when it comes to this dimension of ‘fighting’ that exists within us all in one way or another.

I will in the next post share how I am and have been dealing with / directing this ‘fighting’ that I’ve become aware of within me – sharing the nature and design of it within the mind / consciousness and how to support yourself to release your being from such a state of living and experience. More importantly: why it is pivotal to change this nature within yourself to be able to support others to change as well – so that we stop creating and living in a world defined by ‘fighting to live’ and start creating and living in a world defined by reason and purpose and LIVE, for self and all of existence as well. 


BitiaCatana said...

Thank you Sunette, this made me understand with more clarity why I had breakdown and burnout this year

Unknown said...

Tambien he tenido mis momentos de rechazo hacia esa lucha entre mi mente y el ser que soy como sustancia de vida. Pero ya las luchas son menos frecuentes debido a estoy mas alerta no solo con el respiro sino con la aplicacion del PERDON Y CORRECCION, con HONESTIDAD como mi misma . Y eso se ha convertido en un balsamo para mi. Gracias Susan. !FELIZ NAVIDAD !

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