Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Why do we take things Personally?


Why do we take things Personally?

As we walk through our lives – we come into contact with various human beings, obviously originally starting with those that become our parents / stand in the position of parents and/or those that as children had the most impact / influence on ourselves. From then, and throughout our lives – we develop, programme, design and create our personalities /self-definitions in relation to how we behave/speak/express/experience/think/react – through imprinting/copying/imitating and storing parts/aspects/components from/of others into-ourselves from-which we derive the resources to manifest a ‘who we are’.

It is that same action of ‘imprinting and storing’ – that ‘taking things personally / making things personal’ emerge, as follows:
As we develop our personalities, we encircle ourselves with human beings that most closely resemble ourselves and who assist/support with validating / confirming our personalities / ‘who we are’ and will surround ourselves with people with whom we make sure represent parts within our world that will ensure we don’t have to change ourselves / our personalities of/as ‘who we are’ and so our world with human-beings becomes a ‘protection and defence’ domain wherein we ensure that ‘who we are’ within/as our mind/personalities is maintained and controlled – everyone assisting/supporting themselves and each other to ensure all remain stuck/limited/confined and enslaved in/as their own personalities/self-definitions of/as mind as relationships interconnected within the silent agreement of “you leave me to be me, I leave you to be you, we keep each other as we are and we make sure we don’t change”. In these/such relationships – “everything goes”, where tonalities, mannerisms, behaviours, quirks, actions, words, interactions etc. – are all ‘accepted and allowed’ within/as the parameters of/as how each portray/represent themselves within/as their personality-exhibitions of/as ‘who/how’ they are. Obviously when any one ‘goes outside of the parameters of their personality-relationships’ they’re excluded / ostracized cause that one person no more validate/confirm/justify their own/everyone else’s personality/self-definitions and so are excluded.

Taking things personally / making things personal come-from within/as these/such personality self-definitions of/as one’s Mind Consciousness System, where – something/someone will speak/do something that invalidates / influences / goes against the ideas one have of oneself that constructed one’s personalities.
This is also one of the reasons why friendships/relationships exist – for this point of ‘taking this personally’ / ‘making things personal’ to not come to the fore, because it is actually within the reaction of ‘taking things personally’ / ‘making things personal’ that the ideas/perceptions/beliefs of oneself that construct/manifest one’s personalities – become exposed.
So – people enclose / surround themselves with relationships that constantly/continuously validates/justifies/confirms each other’s personalities so as to not in fact face the reality / truth of ourselves as seeing/realising/understanding that ‘who we are’ as such personalities are really actually just ideas/perceptions/beliefs/opinions we have about ourselves that we formed/manifested into entities that we project/portray/exert onto/towards others, and are not in fact real = which the reaction of ‘taking things personally’ / ‘making things personal’ reveal as follows:

Taking things personally / making things personal in relation to Others:

Example One:
Let’s say, for example you have an idea about yourself of being a ‘meticulous’ person and you ‘hold yourself’ to that idea that you shaped because of your meticulous application within completing tasks. You’re in the process of selling your home and you overhear visitors checking out the house/apartment saying: “Man! This house has been totally neglected, no attention has been given to it in a long time” – you react to that statement in anger/resentment within the context of ‘taking it personally’ / ‘making it personal’ cause that statement goes against/invalidates your idea/belief/perception you have about/of yourself as being a ‘meticulous person’.

Obviously this point of you reacting in taking it personally / making it personal indicate/reveal/show a point/part within self that is actually in fact what the person commented-on/pointed-out and so their observation was actually quite accurate: The condition of the home/apartment was in disarray cause it hadn’t in fact been given attention to and so do fall into neglect.
In this, taking things personally / making things personal is a ‘personality’ protection/defence mechanism that self use/abuse to validate/confirm self’s own ideas/perceptions/beliefs about/of self as personalities when one experience / feel that someone/something is ‘attacking’ one’s ideas/perceptions/beliefs as personalities/self-definitions of/as self.
Within the context of the example, the person experienced that their idea/perception/belief of being a ‘meticulous person’ is/has been attacked/invalidated, and will – instead of investigating their reaction to/towards the person will go into the reaction of ‘taking the point personally / making it personal’ and accept and allow themselves to participate in all sorts of thoughts to justify/excuse why the house/apartment is in disarray through for example saying: “they don’t know what they’re talking about / it doesn’t look that bad / they probably come from an elitist town where everything is perfect” etc. and within/during that process you’ll try and keep your idea/perception/belief of being a ‘meticulous person’ intact.
When that one statement/comment from that one person with self reacting in anger/resentment within/as taking it personally / making it personal, reveal/expose that ‘who self is’ as the totality of/as self as the living-word of/as being meticulous is not in fact real – but that ‘being a meticulous person’ is actually an idea/perception/belief as personality that self developed in self’s mind. Because – if self was meticulous as the living-word, it would show in living-application to/towards/in/as all parts of one’s world/reality equal and one, and not just in one aspect / part /point of one’s world such as completing tasks. Yes – one may be ‘meticulous’ when it comes to tasks/projects, but ‘who I am’ is not in fact meticulous – otherwise, everything would’ve received equal and one meticulous attention and care – from work, to relationships, to home, to actions, to words etc. Therefore, taking one point within one’s world such as being meticulous only within tasks/projects and superimposing that on the totality of self/self-world is how an IDEA of self is shaped, when self is not in fact LIVING/BEING that word in ALL contexts of/as one’s world/reality – equal and one.

And so, why – people enclose/surround themselves only with certain human beings, so that they can validate/confirm/justify each other’s IDEAS to themselves and each other, and not actually come to terms with the reality of who we are: existing as only IDEAS constructed/manifested into/as Personalities that we have come to experience ourselves to be.

Example Two:
You have an idea about yourself as being a ‘likeable’ person, to/towards which everyone within one’s immediate world/reality respond-to in good-spirits / comfortability. You one day go into town to purchase some groceries and you do your usual ‘likeable’ presentation to/towards a person to/towards which you have grown a particular liking to. Instead of the usual good-spirits/comfortability/easy-going reaction you receive, this person simply blankly stares at you and dismisses you on the spot.
You react to this within the context of shock, which turn into anger/resentment as that person did not confirm/validate/justify your IDEA about yourself as being a ‘likeable person’ in reacting/responding to/towards you in the way that everyone else usually does to confirm/validate/justify your idea of yourself.

So – when taking things personally / making things personal – one tend to react in anger/resentment and making the other responsible for / to blame for how self reacted. As within the example above – the person would go into backchat of saying: “Well, aren’t they in a bad mood / must’ve caught them on a bad time / they’re full of shit” – etc. so in a way making the other person the problem within the situation, when in fact it’s all and all self reacting and making the other person ‘bad’ to protect/defend one’s IDEA of self as being a ‘likeable person’, not realising/seeing/understanding that it is in fact an IDEA as there is no way that self will be able to PLEASE all of humanity in being ‘likeable’ to EVERYONE in all contexts. But, one will go to the extent of trying/attempting to protect/defend this idea, perception/belief of/as self by making other’s be the ‘problem’, like – ‘there’s something wrong with them for not liking you’ – which is ridiculous.

Taking things personally / making things personal in relation to Self:

Example 3:
Within walking one’s practical process of/as facing self as the Mind and within and during that process – one come to a point of ‘falling’ or ‘making a mistake’ where a particular IDEA of/as oneself has been challenged, and because we accept/allow ourselves to define ourselves by IDEAS – self will accept and allow self to fall in ALL ASPECTS of self, like – totally giving-up / giving-in just because of that ONE POINT. 
Instead of investigating self in relation to and in context with that one point, and directing/changing self within that ONE POINT; we accept and allow ourselves to take the mistake/falling ‘personally’ / ‘make it personal’ and accept and allow self to fall into self-manipulation, wherein self accept and allow self to victimize self in relation to the point that was faced, ‘throw in the towel’ and pity/blame/judge self by/through trying-to/attempting to give up on the totality of/as self and self’s process.
In this, is also how self/mind use/abuse the point of ‘taking things personally’ / ‘making things personal’ when an Idea of/as self as personality self-definition is challenged / confronted – where one would thus, instead of facing self as the idea, facing self as the point that challenged that Idea, walking through the reaction that self experienced within/as facing that point and idea of/as self and assisting and supporting self to stop, stand up and change: we would instead use/abuse that reaction of ‘making things personal’ / ‘taking things personally’ as a backdoor/scapegoat for continuing to exist as and hide within IDEAS, to not have to face self as IDEAS and REACTIONS, but ‘give in and give up on self’ and give the Mind and Energy it’s continued power and control over/of self.
So – within the walking of one’s process, be attentive  of this manipulation point of protecting/defending Ideas and Reactions of, within and as Self, where one try and use/abuse ONE POINT faced within one’s world and then try and manipulate self and others in justify/validating/excusing ‘giving up/giving in’ when all the while it’s self too afraid to actually face self, and change self as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become: IDEAS, Energy as manifested Personalities.

And so how we use/abuse this point of making this personal / taking things personally to protect/defend self-IDEAS as personalities, and therefore how – taking this personally / making things personal actually reveal/expose what of ourselves/within ourselves is/are only IDEAS and not in fact actual, real living expressions of/as who we are in/as the physical within/as the contexts of/as equality and oneness.
So – as and when you react to/towards another’s response/comment to/towards you personally, where their actions/words were in direct relation to you, and you reacted in anger/resentment and with backchat to/towards them in making them wrong/bad/the problem: Investigate what it is that they were saying / doing to/towards ‘you’ and identify the IDEA that they as the event/situation is exposing/revealing about/of self. Walk the writing/self-forgiveness and see how you can implement the idea, from an idea into an actual living actuality as self as the living word; as with for example the examples we used:
Meticulous – asserting self to become meticulous in all contexts of self/self’s world
Likeable – to not try and please everything/everyone, but be comfortable/confident with ‘who self is’ here and stop defining relationships in wanting to please everyone, but how one can interact with others to learn more about self.

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Do It. Be it. Live it.


[Announcement: Hi All – PRACTICAL DESTENI Blog is now a Blog within which I will share multi-dimensional points/processes  within the practical walking of ourselves as existence in the process of establishing equality and oneness as-ourselves within and without.
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 Do It. Be it. Live it.  

We have a tendency to look at ourselves and our lives and dwell on the things and experiences and aspects that we ‘lack’ or generally ‘suck at doing’, and especially experience this when we compare such parts to/towards others and we get/have a direct-reflection of what we are and have become and accept and allow ourselves to be, live and do: A direct-reflection that we cannot deny seeing, which only perpetuates such accepted and allowed deficiencies/inadequacies in ourselves and our lives.

 Like, for instance – lack of discipline, postponement, no drive, no motivation, experiencing projects/tasks/applications as obligations/burdens, no passion; constantly mirroring ourselves through others and finding/noticing how we exist as such habits/patterns.

Some simply ‘give into their fate’ and submerge themselves into the wanderings of the mind where we fantasize about ‘how we could be’ as we use examples as people within our world and superimpose ourselves onto their discipline, drive, motivation, direction, passion, precision, specificity and dream of how we would be if we were to be ‘like them’ while at the same time wallowing in our own despair of a self and a life that is seemingly ‘unchangeable’ and the best that we can do is ‘fantasize change’.

Others try and equalize or better themselves in such aspects they find ‘lack’ / ‘non-existence’ / ‘inadequacies’ / ‘insecurities’ and then life becomes a constant competition chasing after the ‘becoming’ of  discipline, drive, motivation, direction, passion, precision, specificity – which turns out like a race, and one’s days end with exhaustion and frustration or pride and supremacy when one achieved or failed within one’s game of attempting-to/trying to ‘better self’.  Or others try and equalize or better themselves and actually succeed – but then that which was attained – becomes the total definition of the being and that is all that they become/live-out/become good at, while some personality-parts / aspects of discipline, drive, motivation, direction, passion, precision, specificity ‘evolve’ other aspects of themselves/their world/relationship experience neglect / ignorance because the total focus-point / attention of the person was channelled to/towards the ‘becoming’ of / as discipline, drive, motivation, direction, passion, precision, specificity.

Furthermore, within that – everyone has different definitions of, for example what it means to be disciplined, to have drive, to be motivated, to express passion, to work with meticulous precision etc. and together with that definition there is a particular “experience” attached to it, as an energy. In this, the actual-living of/as the words discipline, drive, motivation, direction, passion, precision, specificity becomes lost, because an idea/perception/belief is created/generated of such aspects/expressions/attributes/traits within the context of energy and pictures and then the ‘chase / becoming’ of it – either through, in and as fantasies or reality becomes about the “experience” of the words and not the actual LIVING, BEING and  DOING of/as the words as Self.

For example, we see / notice someone being exceptionally disciplined in/as their actions through work/tasks/projects and then compare all aspects our experience of ourselves in relation to discipline through observing them only within that one context. Then we ‘judge ourselves / pity ourselves and manipulate ourselves’ into thinking/believing/perceiving we’re not ‘disciplined’ – but, just because that person is disciplined within the ‘work environment’ does not mean ‘who they are’ is disciplined as a living-action/expression of themselves within/as all aspects of themselves, their world and relationships to/as everything and everyone equal and one. Being ‘disciplined’ within the ‘work environment only’ is not in fact actual, real living-discipline within the context of equality and oneness, such ‘discipline’ from the other beings’ context may be due to various other factors/points/experiences forcing the person to who, how and what they are in the work-environment – from family, to money, to obligation etc.
Therefore within process, we emphasize the point of not accepting and allowing self to compare self to others – because the tendency of the mind in relation to comparison, is to take one aspect of one person in one context and superimpose that on the totality of self and then think/believe self is ‘inadequate / inefficient / lacking’ in/as ALL aspects of self.  Like for example, taking that one aspect of discipline, of that one person within the one context of the work environment and comparing all contexts of discipline within self to that ONE event only and then judge/condemn self to the definition of being ‘undisciplined’.
And furthermore, the very point of comparison is not ‘valid’ as everything in our world in relation to words has become definitions of energy and pictures ‘personalized’ within human beings’ mind consciousness system and so each person has a different reason/starting-point/agenda for acting/behaving/living in particular-specific ways.

Then we try and ‘become disciplined’ and force / push / enforce discipline – in only one or few aspects of ourselves and our lives which most of the times turns out into postponements, exhaustion, judgements etc. as we try and be/become something that only exist as a ‘idea’ we created in our own mind as a picture/energy and/or others simply fantasize and further perpetuate their self-victimized, self-pity, self-manipulation state/experience of thinking/believing what they are now is all they will be every be.

Therefore, the MISS-TAKE that is being made here, is trying to be something/someone else other than actually doing, being and living it as SELF.
So, here’s an opportunity to TAKE AGAIN and re-look and reconsider what we accept and allow within the context of comparison and competition in relation to points/parts/aspects/attributes/habits/patterns within/as which we experience ourselves as inadequate/inferior/lacking/inefficient.

Changing self is a DOING, it’s an action. There is no energy, no picture, no outcome attached to it – one do, live and be. Like, for instance with Discipline – being Disciplined take a simple action of DOING, arranging, organizing and structuring oneself and one’s world in all aspects that require direction/attention/completion and asserting self to actually get in there, participate in reality and DO it. Through/from DOING, one start living as the word as discipline as it becomes parts of self’s daily application through actually completing / paying attention to and directing what is required to be done in all aspects of ourselves, our world and others. Within/as doing and standing-as the living-expression of/as the word one in fact become the word as self ‘naturally’ – one is HERE as the word, doing, living and being – the completion of/as self as the living-word as discipline in all aspects of self, self’s world and relationships.
Discipline then becomes/is a doing, living/being AS SELF – it’s not defined/attached to an idea/picture/energy/person/chase; but permeate and infiltrate all aspects of self, self’s world and others as self.

And this goes for all and everything else within one’s world/reality – with regards to drive, motivation, direction, passion, precision, specificity: if you simply DO it, and apply yourself in doing to LIVE it you BECOME/ARE it, Here as self as Being as natural expression of/as ‘who self is’ that stand equal and one in all facets/parts and aspects of self, self’s world and others.

So, whenever you TRY and be/become something you’ve noticed within another and find yourself chasing after it in exhaustion or dreaming about it in your fantasies while wallowing and drowning yourself in your own inadequacies/lack/inefficiencies: know that you’re playing the game of comparison in your own mind and trying to become an IDEA – instead of simply DOING, LIVING and BEING it as self, here.

So, assist and support self to develop self into and as the LIVING WORD, through the practical application of taking a word and simply doing, living and being – and applying it within all contexts of oneself, one’s world and relationships; not limit and diminish self to attempting-to/trying to fulfil one idea/ideal only.

Take the word and do, live and be it within oneself, one’s world and relationships – sit with yourself, write it out – how would you apply as do, live and be the word as self within one’s world/reality to manifest the word as self in equality and oneness.
Like, for example with discipline – see where/with who/when one tend to be undisciplined – what actions of doing can be applied, with constancy and consistency to assist/support self in developing self into/as the living and so the being of/as the word as self and then walk the word in ALL contexts as self until self is satisfied. In this, one develop self as the word – not trying/attempting to chase after a idea in one’s mind that one compared from another as a picture/energy and so self assist/support self to in fact EXPAND within self and self’s world and not limit/diminish self to/as one picture/energy/idea of/as a word within the context of ego/mind.

What would be cool to do, is for example first do write-our for yourself – write-out all the points/parts within you/your world/relationships where, for example you experience yourself to be undisciplined so that you can have a concrete/practical visual-direct presentation of yourself right in front of you.
From there, you take all the points individually and do a write-up of how to practically in living-action of doing – assist/support you to be disciplined, disciplined which is simply the doing, living and being of constancy an consistency in getting things done , directing and completing what is required/needed within a practical, physical context.
Then, from there – you actually DO it, for /as self and so through application – find, develop and ‘play’ with ways/methods of doing that works until you find a satisfactory expression of physical living that works as self.

Obviously remember it will be a process, and will require patience – because you’re in the process of developing/changing and expanding ‘who you are’ as a living word, actually assisting and supporting self to LIVE and at the same time releasing the enslavement to/as one idea/perception/belief of a word within the context of a picture/memory/energy.

Set yourself free from comparison, postponement and wasting time within fantasies/dreams – take a breath, take a word and assist/support self to be/become the living word – through actual DOING, as practical physical application here in reality – taking it breath by breath, action by action as self walk the process of changing self.

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Thought-Designs – Part 4

Seeing and Understanding Self as the Mind:
Thought-Designs – Part 4

We have completed investigating, exploring and explaining the A. Nature, what the Nature of Thought-Designs in total consist of/exist as and we started-with the first Thought-Design as 1. Current-Reality Thoughts, together-with Examples of the manifested-design of Current-Reality Thought-Designs as they exist and function within and as our Conscious-Mind within and as the Nature they consist of and exist as within and as the Conscious-Mind of/as the Mind Consciousness System.
Before we continue looking-at the B. Substance and C. How of Thought-Designs, as discussed within Thought-Designs – Part 2, as the ‘Substance’ of the Thoughts, meaning – what they consist-of/exist-as within and as their actual-Manifestation and the ‘How’ as How they are created/manifested through-Us in/as the Mind Consciousness System – we’ll continue completing A. The Nature of all the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs – within walking-through all the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs as outlined within Thought-Designs – Part 1.
Herein, we’ll thus continue with 2. Projection-Thoughts, and the A. Nature of the Projection Thought-Designs within and as the Conscious-Mind of and as the Mind Consciousness System.

A.     The Nature of Thought-Designs

2.      Projection-Thoughts

As discussed within Thought-Designs – Part 1, Projection-Thoughts are:

“Projection-Thoughts are thoughts that manifest in a ‘flash of a Moment’, wherein – you’ll see yourself ‘projected’ into and as an experience/moment within and as your Mind, other-Than and different-from the Moment in which you’re currently standing in actual-reality, and who and how you are within and as Actual-reality.
Thus, it will be thus a ‘flash’ sweeping-by within your Mind, as you ‘see’ yourself as/within a projection within your Mind as a dimensional-shift that happen, that will be in context-to and in relation with what you’re experiencing/facing/participating in, within actual-reality – but will be a ulterior-projected version thereof.”

For a refresher on the Nature of Thought-Designs – suggest reading Thought-Designs – Part 2 wherein this has been discussed and outlined, specifically – however, for a immediate reference – here is a excerpt from the document to assist/support with the continuation of this document:

So, when we’re going to be Looking-at and discussing, or speaking-of/mentioning the ‘Nature’ of/as the Thought-Designs – we’re going to have a look at its ‘manifested momentary effect’ on the experience of ourselves in that Moment of participating in-It/becoming it.
 So – the primary/basic ‘Natures’ of and as Thought-Design within and as the Conscious-Mind pertains to the ‘Electric-Energetic’-Charge of/as a Thought-Design within the spark of Either:
-          Neutral
-          Positive
-          Negative
Thus, the Nature of Thought-Designs Pertains to their particular-specific ‘Charge’ and the ‘effect’ that Charge have on the experience of-Ourselves in the Moment/Instance of accepting and allowing Ourselves to Participate within and as the Thought-Design as the manifested-charge as Nature it consist-Of/exist-As. “

The Nature of/as Projection-Thought is:
‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’

Within the existent-context of and as Projection-Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind – it is specific that Projection-Thoughts’ Nature consist of and exist as only Positive and Negative and not including Neutral – due to the particular-specific function Projection-Thoughts provide and produce for the Mind Consciousness System in relation to generating and charging a friction of Polarity to instigate/initiate movement/momentum of the being through Energy within themselves and their world/reality. This means:
In having a look at the description of/as the manifestation of Projection-Thoughts – the thoughts will always manifest as an ulterior-projected version of/as the current-actual reality moment one is facing/experiencing/participating-in, within the actual physical and so – by their very existence, produce a polarity; as the projection-thought will always be in opposite to/from the actual physical-reality one face within and as a particular-specific moment.

As has been discussed,  the Function of and as the Conscious-Mind Thought-Design manifestations, is that of ‘Super-Charging’ the Main-Source ‘Energetic/Electric’-Domains of and as the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind that hold one’s most Prevalent and Influential Systems and Constructs that control Behaviour through and as the Mind, with and as  Electrical-Energy.
Within that - the function of/a such Projection-Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind within and as the Triad-Monument we exist-within and stand-as of/as the Mind Consciousness System; is to initiate/instigate movement through and as the Mind Consciousness System, wherein – such Projection-Thoughts, within the Nature of either being Positive or Negative; will produce a friction within-self and according to the experience of that friction as either positive or negative, will move self into a particular-specific direction within and as one’s world/reality.  In fact, such Projection-Thoughts create ‘choice’; within and as self within and as particular specific Moments, wherein one is then – through such Projection-Thoughts deliberately-moved/directed into and as a particular-specific direction which self then think/believe was self-controlled as ‘choice’; but in fact was deliberately-initiated/instigated by/through the friction-caused of a Projection-Thought within and as the Conscious-Mind within and as a particular-specific Moment within and as Reality.

And, so – Projection-Thoughts, as the friction experienced as energetic-reaction within and as self will activate Subconscious- and Unconscious-Mind Systems and Constructs that control Behaviour through and as the Mind and through and as such System-Manifestations, will walk-into a particular-specific direction as ‘choice’ within and as a particular specific moment as instigated/initiated by/through the Projection-Thought of/as the nature as Positive and/or Negative.
Also, within the purposed-function of/as Projection-Thoughts being the ‘choice’-creators within and as particular-specific moments within and as one’s world/reality – also form part-of the designed-Nature of/as Projection-Thoughts only consisting-of / existing-as Positive and Negative. As ‘choice’ within the pre-programmed design of and as the Mind Consciousness System only give one of two options, wherein one will be forced into the direction of/as either one of two options as pre-determined by/through the Mind Consciousness System. This was so designed/pre-programmed to ensure that ‘Consciousness’ of/as the Mind Consciousness System always have control, and remain in control – because whether one is directed into and as either two options, the Mind remains in control of both-directions, and so – one’s choices is never, really in fact choice but simply a decision between two options already pre-determined for/of self and within that, self is directed into and as either one of the two options and so – everything and all of self has always been pre-ordained within and as the manifested design of/as the Mind Consciousness System.

Also, understand that – Projection-Thoughts are different-from Mind-Projections, wherein Mind-Projections are dimensional play-outs within and as the Mind we participate-in as the creation of and as actual alternate-realities with self Projected into alternate states/times of existence. Such Mind-Projections one participate in - through attention, focus and time as one actually create ‘Projected-Selves’, wherein the function/purpose of/as such Mind-Projections serves one’s Personalities of/as the Mind Consciousness System – a Construct of the Mind Consciousness System we’ll also be discussing within these documents to come once we walk-through the Subconscious-Mind of/as the Mind Consciousness System.
However, at the Moment – we’re walking the Conscious-Mind and Projection-Thoughts as the manifested-Nature they consist-of/exist as, whereby Projection-Thoughts function as instigators to activate a ‘choice’ in forcing the movement of a being into a particular-specific resonant-direction within and as a particular-specific moment.

We’ll within the next document continue with practical-examples for/of Projection Thought-Designs and how they manifest in an instant within and as their manifested-Nature of/as Positive and/or Negative, yet instantaneously affect ‘who we are’ within and as that Moment, that manifest consequence immediately and/or resonantly as it determine ‘how we live’ within that Moment or within experiences to come.
Within that, we’ll also slightly touch-on the activation of the Subconscious and Unconscious living-behaviours that lead to the action of self living-out / responding to the choice the Projection-Thought present, however – we’re at the Moment only mainly focusing on the Thought-Designs themselves for self to identify, see and realise the manifested-consequence of/as accepted and allowed participation in thoughts and also within that, how it is that we in fact function, exist and live as the Mind Consciousness System as the system we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to abdicate ours self-responsibility to/towards, and that we’re now in the Process of taking back that ‘power’ as ‘responsibility’ to stop the separation and to finally really Live, Here in and as the Physical.

Until next time.


Thought-Designs – Part 3

Seeing and Understanding Self as the Mind:
Thought-Designs – Part 3

A.     The Nature of Thought-Designs

1.      Current-Reality Thoughts

Within this document we’re continuing having a look at 1. Current-Reality Thoughts and the aspect of such thoughts as their manifested-‘Nature’, which we looked-at within the previous-document as being/referring to the ‘manifested momentary effect’ on the experience of ourselves in that Moment of participating in the Thought(s)/becoming the Thought(s). Wherein we specified such ‘effects’ as indicators of the primary/basic ‘Natures’ of and as Thought-Designs within and as the Conscious-Mind pertaining to the ‘Electric-Energetic’-Charge of/as a Thought-Designs within the ‘spark’ of Either:

-          Neutral
-          Positive
-          Negative

Let us then continue looking at more basic-Examples of Current-Reality Thoughts-Designs as the Nature of the Current-Reality Thought-Design in and as which they manifest within and as the Conscious-Mind as either being Neutral, Positive or Negative.
Current-Reality Thought-Designs as we Think-them within and as our Conscious-Mind to/towards our World/Reality in moments’ of sudden/unexpected change/alteration that manifest and which we in essence ‘react’-To - within, as and through Current-Reality Thoughts.
Then – together-With the Examples we’ll have a look at what such Current-Reality thought-manifestations/designs due to the ‘fast/immediate’ nature of the Thoughts / such Thoughts =  through them see/identify, actual manifested accepted self-definitions of/as personalities of/as the mind consciousness system we accept/allow to exist-as/within as we did within the Previous-document in the examples of the Wing-symbolism with the Bird flying and the self-defined connotation to/towards that in relation to Freedom.

Understand, though that – the Examples I’ll be using, as with for example the Bird flying and Freedom/Wing Symbolism is really basic examples and the extent and complexity of how we in fact establish such connotations between the Mind and Reality through symbolism, words of knowledge and information and definitions is intensive and a entirely different dimensional-reality within and as and of the Mind Consciousness System which I’ll be taking-on as we continue walking the Mind and its manifested-Existence. Though, in terms of utilizing the examples – is for you to see, realise and understand how we’ve created and established our self-definition as personalities through using reality and creating/manifesting and continuing participating in thoughts to keep-on surviving our existence as such programmed personalities of/as the Mind Consciousness System.

So, with Conscious-Mind thought-designs – what is interesting to note is that the Thoughts will emerge in relation to stimulation from/of the external reality/environment.
Meaning – an external aspect of Reality will stimulate an internal resonant-reaction, from-Which a thought within and as the Conscious-Mind is ‘birthed’.

Within the manifested-existence of and as Current-Reality thoughts – this Point of external-stimulation – is quite prominent, simulating the manifested-existence of resonant-manifestation within, as and of the Physical-Mind into and as existence within and as the Conscious-Mind as a manifested-Thought form.
This point of external-reality/environmental stimulation of/as Conscious-Mind Thoughts is ‘more’ Prominent with and as Current-Reality Thought-Designs as Current-Reality Thought-Designs ‘jump-up’ as ‘sudden, unexpected’-Reactions to/towards ‘sudden, unexpected’-Changes within/as our immediate/direct world/reality. Though, the external-reality/environmental stimulation factors-in with all Conscious-Mind Thoughts-Designs – however, more ‘subtly’ / inconspicuously.
As one continue within one’s Process one’s awareness as the Mind within and as the Physical becomes more specific as self, and one will start becoming aware of such ‘stimulation-points’ of external-reality/environmental factors/forms/changes/manifestations ‘enticing’ Thought-manifestations/forms within and as one’s Conscious-Mind. Together-with such awareness, one will also simultaneously within such Moments ‘See’ the origin/source of the creation of such a Thought within and as Self and with and within that Moment, Assist and Support self to Stop Participation from within and as the source/origin Point that initially created such a Thought as Mind-connotation and Personality self-definition to/towards reality/the environment and Change self Immediately/Instantaneously through letting that part/construct of self go.

Such Living-Application in and as the Physical in and as Practical-Application comes-with the Continued Self-Assistance and Self-Support through and as walking Breath, here within Self-Honesty - established through Writing and Speaking Self-Forgiveness, and Exploring/Investigating self within and as Writing/Speaking, and Living the Changes Seen and Realised through Self-Forgiveness and Writing in and as Practical Corrective Application.

So, with that – let us continue Looking-at, Investigating and Exploring the Manifested-Natures of/as Current-Reality Thought-Designs that can Manifest as Neutral, Positive and Negative in relation to the Resonant-Manifested reaction we ‘Experience’ as our Starting-Point Interaction/Participation within and as our World/Reality to/towards ‘sudden/unexpected’ Changes/Alterations that Manifest.

i)                    ‘Neutral’ Current-Reality Thought:


You’re in a Traffic-jam and the cars are piled-up bumper-to-bumper and beside-you, suddenly, unexpectedly – a car to your right is veering towards you, as to indicate that it wants to come-in, in front of you to join the queue in your lane , and within that immediate-change in/as your world/reality as external-environment; the thought emerge: “Here’s a car coming-in, now I have to slow-down to let it in” – so, the Thought is a neutral-statement as a reality-assessment of/as one’s experience to/towards the sudden, unexpected change within/as one’s World/Reality, and thus it is a Current-Reality Thought.

Now – to have a look at ‘Why’ this is an example of a Neutral Current-Reality Thought, and Why it constitutes as a manifested-Thought of/as the Conscious-Mind, is as follows:
If you have a look at the Thought-manifestation – the starting-point of the Thought and then the action that will lead from-It, is that of “Obligation within Morality”, which can be seen in the words: “now I HAVE to”. Wherein - you’d experience yourself as having to, out of “Moral Obligation” – give way for the car to move in front of you.
Now, understand this Point of/as “Moral-obligation” – does not stand/exist in a positive or negative sense of the manifestation of such a point, but simply because that is how you were ‘Raised / Taught’ in how to confront/deal-with/handle certain situations/circumstances/experiences in your world/reality, and so becomes like a “automatic approach” within/as the Neutral-part of/as self as the Mind as it forms ‘part of’ who/how you are within and as the Mind.
So - one’s “Moral Obligation”-controls, instead of assessing the Moment in/as Equality and Oneness, here in making a Self-Directive Decision in all that is participating in the Moment with self, as obviously – there are so much more factors/points to take into consideration with such a Move as it is not only self and the person coming-in in-front of self that is involved in that Moment, there’s other cars, other people moving across the road, your process the other person’s process, time, responsibility etc. And, so – one is “compelled / forced” within/as one’s Moral-Obligation to give-way in that Moment – instead of it being a Self-Directive decision made by self in the Moment in Breath as assessing the totality of what is here as self in/as the Moment.  

And the starting-point of/as “Moral Obligation” can tend to lead-one into the ‘Consequence of Temptation’ of/as “Self-Compromise”, wherein:
The point of/as Moral-Obligation is abused to make one’s Ego-construct of “Good-Person” ‘feel good’, yet at the same-time the negative in-Reality manifest where one, for example then get stuck at a broken red-light and the car you let in front of you passed-Through before it broke-down; and so you placed yourself in a conundrum due to your accepted and allowed Starting-Point in that Moment. Though – we’ll later-on look more at the Outflows of Actions Originating from Thoughts and How we in-fact Move through Polarities in our own World-Reality, as we function/exist-Through and as the Conscious-Mind – from a Neutral-point, to a Positive thought/action then Balancing-out into a Negative-moment Consequence in-Reality. And then from the Consequence build-up the Negative to then Diffuse the Negative through a experience/event, and then begin at a Neutral-Point again, with the Neutral-Point as a Basis for the Positive to emerge. And so - we Continue walking-through Reality within the Triad-Monument of/as the Conscious-Mind of/as Mind Consciousness System as an automated power-system existing, in, as and for Energy.

Herewith, thus more ‘context’ in relation to Current-Reality Thoughts with the Nature of/as Neutrality – and how such Thought-designs can reveal/show/expose accepted and allowed Self-Definitions of/as Personality that we accept/allow to control/influence us in Moments through/as Thought-Manifestations, instead of self actually being in and as Reality and making a self-directive decision within and as Equality and Oneness.

ii)                  ‘Positive’ Current-Reality Thought:

We’ll again utilize the same-Example as above – with the Car veering towards the left as to indicate that it’d like to join your lane within the queue you’re standing, and the statement as Thought emerge:
“Oh, it is my absolute pleasure! Please do come-in!” – a Thought-statement that is expressed within a surge of energetic-rush as you make-way for the Car to come-in, in front of you.

Now – to have a look at ‘Why’ this is an example of a Positive Current-Reality Thought, and Why it constitutes as a manifested-Thought of/as the Conscious-Mind, is as follows:
You, for example in that Moment of having the Thought manifest within your Conscious-Mind – experienced a ‘altered state’, where you went from experiencing yourself as, for example - just sitting in your car listening to music, to going-Into a ‘Feeling State of Being’ within and as the Thought; as having a ‘Uplifting Positive Energetic-Experience’. So, you ‘Changed’ immediately with and as the Thought, and - with the Nature of the Change being ‘Positive’ as ‘Uplifting’ and with the Fact that self Changed Suddenly, Unexpectedly in relation to a Change/Alteration in/as one’s world/reality – indicate/show this as a Positive Current-Reality Thought.
Positive Current-Reality Thoughts are often ‘opportunistic’. ‘Opportunistic’, meaning – the sudden, unexpected moment is used/abused to ‘gain’-Energy through creating/manifesting the Internal-‘Belief’/‘Idea’ that with being ‘Nice’/‘Good’ the person will Appreciate-you, be ‘Grateful’ and/or ‘Thankful’.  That/ such a Belief/Idea to/towards the person in the car in front of you, gives you the Instantaneous Positive Energy-Feed as the uprising in Energetic-Explosion you Experience in that Moment, which ‘feed’ your Mind Consciousness System with/as Positive-Energy. In essence - ‘feeding yourself’ with Energy through Thought and Belief, because you In-Fact have no inclination/conception in relation to what the other Person is In-Fact Experiencing and so using the moment to Feed yourself with Positive Energy.
And, so – also within that proving that ‘Positive Thoughts’ leading to acts of ‘goodness/niceness’ is not in-fact done in consideration for/of others, but only within self-interest in generating the energy in feeding oneself as one’s own Mind Consciousness System with and as Positive-Energy.

Here, then another-Example of/as a Positive Current-Reality Thought-design in relation to a sudden, unexpected as unforeseen change/alteration within and as one’s World/Reality and how such a Thought-Manifestation reveal aspects as parts of self-definition of/as and within the Mind Consciousness System in relation to what and how we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to exist-as and within, through and as Energy of Mind.

iii)                ‘Negative’ Current-Reality Thought:

We’ll again utilize the same-Example  – with the Car veering towards the left as to indicate that it’d like to join your lane within the queue you’re standing, and the statement as Thought emerge:
“Oh-No, no, no, no, no - don’t even think about trying to come-into my lane, god damn-it” – a Thought-statement that is expressed within a surge of energetic-rush as you ensure that there’s deliberately no-Space between you and the car in front of you so as to ensure the car wanting to come-in, cannot.

Now – to have a look at ‘Why’ this is an example of a Negative Current-Reality Thought, and Why it constitutes as a manifested-Thought of/as the Conscious-Mind, is as follows:
You, for example in that Moment of having the Thought manifest within your Conscious-Mind – experienced a ‘altered state’, where you went from experiencing yourself as, for example - just being in your car, awaiting the moment for you to continue moving-forward; to going-Into a ‘Emotional State of Being’ within and as the Thought; as having a ‘Surging Negative Energetic-Experience’. So, you ‘Changed’ immediately with and as the Thought, and - with the Nature of the Change being ‘Negative’ as ‘Emotional’ and with the Fact that self Changed Suddenly, Unexpectedly in relation to a Change/Alteration in/as one’s world/reality – indicate/show this as a Negative Current-Reality Thought.

As showed within Positive Current-Reality Thoughts, Negative Current-Reality Thoughts also exist as ‘Opportunistic’. Opportunistic, where – such Moments of/as sudden/unexpected Change/Alteration within and as one’s World/Reality is met with Negative Current-Reality Thoughts.
As such Moments as experiences/events/situation with/as people is used/abused to Exert / Let-out / Release Cooped-up / Accumulated / Suppressed Emotional-Energies that was not Directed/Sorted-out or faced in the past, but was accepted and allowed to be participated-in and suppressed which formed/manifested eventual layers which, through accumulation and building-up = require release. And so, once use/abuse such moments in/as one’s world/reality to lash-out / exert one’s Emotional-Instability onto/towards others/events, to so Shift Responsibility and Blame through Projection; instead of having taken Self-Responsibility in the first place.  

And, so – Negative Current-Reality Thought-Designs can assist/support self in Seeing the accepted and allowed suppressed, accumulated and built-up Emotional-Energy Reactions within and as the past that self has not directed, faced or sorted-out – through investigating the specific-Nature of/as the Emotional-energy that came-with the Current-Reality Thought-Design in/as the Moment.
For example, let’s say you see/realise that the specific-Nature of/as the Negative Current-Reality Thought-design is that of Irritation:
Then one can ‘retrace’ one’s day / past-days in having a look at the Origin/Cause/Source of where and when the Irritation started, and where/when or towards/what it wasn’t Directed,  Faced and/or Sorted-out within and as self in and as Self-Honesty, and so Apply the according/necessary Self-Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application in letting the Memory as Past-Experience go and Stop building/accumulating Irritation and Accepting/Allowing it to Manifest into Consequence to/towards others and Self-Compromise within and as self.
And within that, furthermore - assert-Self to push and discipline self to direct self immediately in moments of/as reaction; and no more accept/allow memories of past-experiences to go undirected/unsorted and accumulate/build-up within and as self, which only create/manifest Consequence and Compromise.

So, here we looked at more Manifested-Examples of/as Current-Reality Thoughts as the Manifested-Nature in/as which they exist in/as the Conscious-Mind of the Mind Consciousness System as either Neutral, Positive or Negative.

Remember – Current-Reality Thought-designs are always Thoughts / Statements that emerge in immediate direct-relation of / as one’s World/Reality in/as sudden / expected changes / alterations in/as one’s World / Reality; Changes / alterations for which one had no prior knowledge / information / preparation.
And, so – one can assist/support oneself with a Current-Reality Thoughts in detecting, seeing and originating the source/cause of self as Ego/Personality of Mind in directly-Seeing what it is that self is accepting and allowing self to live through and as the Mind.

Within the next-Document we’ll discuss/have a look at Why/How Current-Reality Thoughts will manifest as either Neutral, Positive and/or Negative and then also move-onto Looking-at the Manifested-Nature of our Next Thought-Design as Projection-Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind, together-With examples as we’ve now walked the Nature of/as Current-Reality Thoughts.

Thank you