Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Who I am as Patience


From this Post within this Blog – I will post Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Statements as I explore the current nature and so living condition(ing) of ourselves as words. This means: how it is that we define words in the mind and how this accordingly determines our nature / ‘who we are’ that we then live through our actions, which in turn creates ourselves and so our life/living experience.

What one will find within these posts is an exploration into the quantum-dimensions of Consciousness/the Mind and its relationship to the Physical Body. This means: seeing/realising/understanding the extent to which Consciousness in fact affect/influence the Physical Body and this particular relationship we’re going to explore through words.

Who I am as Patience

Writing: Investigating the Relationship to Patience and Impatience

Many reading the word Patience may not be able to relate to it as much as the word Impatience. However, even in the word Impatience exist the Solution through a simple shift in perception, through a simple shift of looking at the word differently as follows: I’mPatience / I am Patience. But what does it mean to be Patience, to live Patience?
I have in my personal process found definitive physical signs for when I become Impatient: lots of sighing, starting to shake my legs up and down, looking around a lot, heart-rate escalating, breathing becoming short and fast etc. It’s like Impatience becomes this entity wriggling inside your body yelling “move, move, move, move, move!!!” and you have no power to ‘calm it down’, so to speak. What I also noticed in addition to the physical-signs is that my Mind in such moments moves REALLY FAST, where the thoughts can speed through the Conscious Mind in a flash.

For oneself, I would suggest having a look at what happens when you become Impatient – but do a real-time self-experiment where: the moment a situation arrive that usually triggers Impatience, observe what happens to the body, how does the physical body respond/react to impatience? Then also observe how fast the thoughts move in the Mind – it’s like our entire internal-reality SPEEDS UP in contradiction to the slow, but sure/certain space-time movement of physical reality. Like a part of us within us wants to MOVE, but another part in the physical knows we have to STAY/WAIT and so we create this split within ourselves that accordingly create the reaction of ‘Impatience’ – this energetic surge within our Minds and our Physical Bodies as this split within ourselves is torn between WAITING and MOVING.

What I have also observed in such moments is the following: we usually move through the Mind in the Physical – meaning, we’re always busy with thoughts/thinking/reacting/imagining that we don’t realise how little we in fact move within the space-time continuum of physical reality. This shown with how little we are aware of our breath / breathing – where we leave that to the ‘physical dimension’ of our existence, automate it through the physical body and then most of the ‘time’: we’re automatically running in the quantum energy dimensions of our mind/consciousness; existing in two worlds ‘space time of physical reality’ and ‘quantum time of consciousness’. Where, such moment of ‘Impatience’ are actually moments where we come face-to-face with space and time, face-to-face with the movement of Physical Reality – but we’re not able to ‘handle it’, because of being used to the quantum time / fast-paced movement of our minds – thoughts/thinking/reacting/imagining that creates the illusion of everything happening ‘now, now, now’. Whereas, in physical reality: things move through sequences of events where one is dependent on others / other things to get things moving in the physical, but in the mind – we’re only dependent on our own thoughts/imaginations/reactions – that moves REALLY FAST.

The consequence of impatience, though – does not only extend to the fact that we individually experience it in our minds/bodies: we more often than not take out our ‘impatience-frustration’ on others and with that – don’t realise the effect the energy has on our physical bodies. How this one energy can change our heart-rate / breathing and physical tension/stress in moments. This has an impact on the general ‘health / condition’ of the physical body the more and more it’s exposed to such an energy over time.

In the next post, I will walk the Self Forgiveness process – opening up more dimensions of our relationship to Impatience, to see/realise/understand the difference between Patience as a “feeling” and what it would mean to in fact Live Patience in the physical. Where Patience and the living thereof – will initially only be a ‘stepping stone’ Living Word to assist/support oneself into physical space-time equality and oneness – that one’s awareness always moves within the reality that is real as the Physical, and not in separation as the illusionary reality which is the Mind/Consciousness quantum time dimensions/existence.


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Thanks for this explanation, we were just ignoring all of this because we're too 'busy' as impatient/concerned from our minds.

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Thanks for sharing Sunette, amazing readings.

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