Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Sequence of Events vs. Time


Sequence of Events vs. Time

Who I am as Patience (continued)

In the next post, we’ll continue exploring this relationship to TIME – how the relationship between Patience, Impatience and Time in the Mind has been programmed – when physical reality in fact moves through ‘sequences of events’ that we measure with “time” in relation to clocks / seconds / minutes / hours. But, what happens with the activation / trigger of the REACTIONS of patience / impatience is that: our Mind focuses on the mechanism we use to measure space and time sequences of events and we don’t often take a lot of factors in reality into consideration when we react in Impatience.

Writing (continued)

What I have realised is that the following equation creates reactions of Impatience / Patience - as follows:
Time (seconds, minutes, hours) + Event = Reactions of Patience/Impatience. Meaning: we often when waiting for something / someone – would look at the time and/or we before-hand projected the amount of time something / someone will be taking; and when it doesn’t happen within the given time - we react in Impatience and/or (lol) we ‘keep calm and patient’ for as long as we can possibly hold out.

So, what is definitive here is that – the reactions of Patience and Impatience is in relation to how we in the Mind connect sequences of events to seconds, minutes and/or hours. Not realising how, for most of the time with waiting for things/people – there is a lot in the reality sequence of events we may not have taken into consideration which leads to the sequence of events moving slower and thus taking up more time as seconds, minutes and hours.
But, with Time (seconds, minutes and hours) existing in our Mind – we often tend to let such time-calculation take precedence over considering how long sequences of events may take / play out in this real world / reality. Then, we look at reality movement as sequences of events through time-movement (seconds, minutes, hours) in the MIND and this will obviously cause reactions within us as we’re trying to take reality / sequences of events and ‘fit it into’ ‘time movement in the mind’ within seconds, minutes and hours. Instead of looking through the eyes of reality FIRST, the sequences of events and then accordingly determining the time it would take – taking into consideration that there may be MANY variables that one may not be able to predict with fitting sequences of events into time; and with that consideration: one should be able to meet up with a person / prepare for an event with realising that if/as sequences of events do not play out according to time – one simply remain stable / re-asses the new time-frame and continue practically walking the physical in self-stability.

So here, the equation then changes to Sequences of Events + Event/Person = Having the ability to reassess the time-frame as a solution to the change in sequences of events/time and remain stable within self. It’s interesting then with having a look at both equations and how much the starting point will then determine the end-result / ‘answer’. Let’s have a look at the two equations again:

Time (seconds, minutes, hours) + Event = Reactions of Patience/Impatience
Sequences of Events + Event/Person = Having the ability to reassess the time-frame as a solution to the change in sequences of events/time and remain stable within self

In the first equation, with having Time as the starting point within our Minds and we try and take the Event and ‘force it into time’ – more often than not, the event takes longer than anticipated and so we react, because our external real reality didn’t play out accordingly to our internal mind-reality’s projection. We’d react because we initially believed our Mind Reality’s Time assessment MORE than Physical Reality’s sequences of events, we placed MIND over MATTER and so we’re react in/as our Minds.
However, within the second equation – with having sequences of events as the starting point and us being aligned within Physical Reality – we can move WITH physical reality, in equality and oneness. Meaning, we assess the time-frame for sequences of events, with taking into consideration the unpredictable / contingencies that may step forth and then we start walking a point in real-time so that: if/as something does happen – we simply re-calibrate the time-frame, re-establish our relationship to reality. In this, self remains here, stable, in reality and moving with the sequences of events and time frame within that – in this process, there is no need for reactions of Impatience / Patience.

So, the point we then have to look at is: if one can simply walk within stability, in real-time, in relation to events / appointments with seeing/realising and understanding how the starting-point of Time is what created the reactions of Patience and Impatience: how does this then change our relationship to the words? Do these words then only exist because we had created Time in our Minds and sometimes tried to force it onto physical reality, which lead to producing the reactions of Patience/Impatience? How can we then use Patience and Impatience practically / constructively where they do not become points we use to react within, but assist and support us within our Practical Living in our day-to-day experiences?

We’ll continue with the Self Forgiveness process in the next post, expanding more on the two equations above with regards to how to see one’s relationship to reality through the eyes of the physical and not through the eyes of Time – and what this practically entails in our day-to-day living.