Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

The Paths that Lead us…(Part Two)


The Paths that Lead us…(Part Two)

In the next post – I’ll continue with “the paths that lead us” – how from one perspective, we’ll take paths in our lives that’ll lead us into a particular direction, but at the same time, you can lead yourself through that path based on who you are and how you approach it…

This particular trip from home to our destination I have travelled many times before – with all the previous times being a pretty straightforward trip, therefore I projected that this trip would be no different to the previous times cause each and every single time it went problem-free. Boy, was I proven wrong when it comes to referencing memories and then facing real time in reality!

It’s interesting because I have faced such things many times before – where it’s been proven to me to not project, to walk life in the present, expect the unexpended, be prepared for anything and everything…yet, lol – in this instance I realised that I hadn’t yet effectively reminded myself of how unpredictable life can be when it comes to the area of travelling. I have managed to correct this in my everyday life – the day-to-day living, but hadn’t been on a trip in years, so the moment passed me by as the projections of the trip / the memories of past trips automatically came up as it did all those years ago, and so seemingly ‘naturally’ trusted my past references / memories of how the trip is going to turn out. I have found it was this one singular starting point that lead to the domino-effects of the experience inside myself during the trip.
What was interesting when I traced back the moment of what caused the initial experiences inside myself when the trip went differently to what I initially expected it would: I found the mind can be so subtle, the projections of how the trip was going to go was not that intense, there was no distinct energy / excitement linked to the projections, it was more – the moment the projections came up of how the trip was going to go, I experienced a ‘trust’, an ‘ordinariness’ as though a part of me was simply going “ah, okay, this is how the trip is going to go – all good”. So, I realised I went into a “going with the flow” experience, that everything will be “smooth sailing”…

Then, the next significant moment, which is where the domino effects started – was the moment we heard there was an accident on the highway and we got directed via the alternate route, so this moment was like a rock coming at me as I was “going with the flow / smooth sailing” in my memories / projections of how the trip was going to go and it shook me inside myself – with knowing the added time / travelling that was before us. Then from there, lol – it was as though rock after rock as event after event came in the way – me still holding onto the expectancy of it going smooth sailing…which didn’t happen.
So, as we were driving and the rocks (real events in reality we in no way could have predicted / anticipated) kept on piling up in front of us on our way to the destination – I stopped for a moment inside myself, took a breath and walked back in time to have a look at where I shifted inside myself and how I created this experience inside myself. Because what ‘woke me up’ inside myself in a way was the moment the thought came of “let’s just turn around and go back” – because this is not how I usually handle things whenever there is difficulty / challenge – yes, I may go through the ups and downs that’s involved, but I will not give up and always find a way. So, the moment that thought came up I knew “uh oh, here’s emotion involved – the nature of the thought is giving up / giving in, how’d I create this?”

With knowing myself through the years of process I have walked - I knew I’d gone into a ‘negative experience’ inside myself so had to have somewhere started off in a ‘positive experience’ (this relationship between the mind’s negative, positive and neutral dynamics in walked within interviews in EQAFE – specifically the Quantum Mind Self Awareness Series). This is how I traced it back to the moment I went into the projections / memories before the trip – even though the experience of ‘going with the flow’ was SO SUBTLE, barely recognisable even by myself in that moment, it was still me shifting into a positive experience and expecting a positive experience from the overall trip. Then the moment reality came around when we got rerouted…lol, my positive smooth sailing experience got ROCKED, literally, shaking me from the positive to the negative.
So, while driving in the car – used the extra time and travelling, walked self forgiveness on everything I saw / realised, from the positive moment through into the negative, released the energy and grounded myself making the decision of who I am in relation to the unexpected, the unpredictable, so that whatever rock comes my way – I stand before it, assess it and direct myself through it, around it or over it. Rather than holding onto a projection / memory and positive experience expectation - with every time a rock / unexpected event coming shaking me / my experience into a negative; because I am going to have to go through/over/around that rock / unexpected event anyway – whether I’m emotional about it or grounded…so, I determine and decide the experience of myself, who I am / will be. I’d much rather be grounded / stable when facing unexpected events than accepting and allowing myself to be emotional, constantly shifting from positive to negative experiences in thoughts / projections. In so doing – missing an opportunity for self realisation and self expansion that can emerge by rather asking myself “what can I learn about myself from this unexpected event?”

Will continue more in the next post – expanding on how walking the forgiveness and deciding who I am changed the rest of the trip / experience for myself.