Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

2012: Directions for Ascension – How to know you’re Ascending into the right Direction

2012: Directions for Ascension – How to know you’re ascending into the right Direction

Life as Equals to live what is best for all as ONE is Feared and Scoffed by those trapped in the Religion of Self where the only Good is Self Interest and Self Love. Bernard Poolman 

The “Religion of the Self” – this “Self” is what we’ve defined as ‘who we are’ in/as our Minds as the conglomeration of Personalities through which we live this “Self” and the protector and defender of all of one’s Personalities is the EGO which is the one that will rear its head in attacking anything/anyone that in any way represents a threat to having to change this “Self” in any way whatsoever.

What is becoming pertinent in this world is that we, as individual human-beings require changing our starting-point in how we approach ourselves, our relationships and this world as a whole, as we are individually and together creating/manifesting this world the way it is.
Any one that is still protecting and defending this “Self” – is exalting themselves into a position of authority and power in only considering, regarding this “Self” as Mind and within that saying: “Fuck you and fuck everyone else – I refuse to change” and this is the very statement each human being has been living-out within themselves and their world and to/towards all relationships in their existence.

This approach to life is evident in this world – where; poverty, starvation, sex-slavery, prostitution, famine, war, violence, domestic-violence, abuse etc. continuing existing but there is no evidence of change due to the majority of the world being deluded within their “Self Religion” of Mind and in no way participating in or taking responsibility for actual, real physical reality in considering/regarding others as self in considering the question: “What if that was me in another life, what would I have wanted to be done for me with me not being in a position to assist/support myself?” But – No, we’ve made this “Self-Religion” the God which is protected by the Holy-Spirit as Money; and as long as this God is being substantiated by the Holy-Spirit of Money and walked on this Earth by the Jesus as Ego – “everyone can go fuck themselves because “I am fine/happy and that is all that matters.” And so, we’re constantly, continuously living the inner-dynamics of Religion of Self as God, The Son and the Holy-Spirit / playing ‘saviour’ in our own lives through protecting/defending our own Ego, with our armour as Money and our experience of power as God as our total cemented Mind Consciousness System as what we believe/perceive ourselves to be.

In this – all of our living goes into this “Self-Religion” and totally/entirely abdicating responsibility of here in the physical of actual real Matter that is supposed to Matter; and so what REALLY matters as this physical-existence, as the actual life of human-beings as humanity is entirely, totally disregarded due-to/because-of all being deluded within/as their own Heaven as mind where “my life is okay/perfect/happy/blissful and as long as my life is this, who cares about the rest?”.
However – what is not being realised/seen/understood is that – the MIND is dependent on the PHYSICAL. And, everyone’s been existing in the MIND-HEAVEN of self-interest where each personified themselves in their own Heaven through their own Self-Religion separate from everything and everyone in this existence, and in thios delusional state of illusion – disregarded/neglected the actual, real physical-reality which is slowly but surely coming to a destructive accumulation as it’s a part of us that’s been left to its own vices and is going to and is already in the process of doing so – bite us in the ass having us land on our asses to face the actual, real physical-reality HERE.

ASCENSION has been misunderstood GREATLY within humanity.
When the moment comes where physical-reality is faced, where one is directly confronted with the REAL WORLD as one’s illusions comes crashing-down within one’s Mind, one’s Heaven disappears and one’s God falls, the Holy-Spirit evaporates and the Jesus of/as Ego is challenged: one will ASS-SEND – one will be SENT to the PHYSICAL-REALITY to/as what is REAL HERE through FALLING right on one’s ASS into and as PHYSICAL-REALITY.

This is the same process we’ve faced in existence – everyone was lost in their own personalized heavens, when the Energy-existence of/as Heaven was stopped when the White-Light was removed – each one’s as all’s heaven became non-existent that was dependent on Energy and all we were left with was: Ourselves – together and facing the actual real nature/manifestation of existence as a whole, and we were in those Self-Religon Heavens because of deliberately abdicating responsibility for/as what is here as existence; and even though we tried/attempted to maintain/sustain those Self-Religious Heavens: We ASS-SENDED – our ASSES was placed directly into and as reality where we FELL from our heavens onto/as the GROUND as MATTER of actual real physical-reality; and we’re still here walking this process.
So – as-above, so-below.
With Humans – ‘Heaven’ is your ‘self-experience’ of happiness, bliss, satisfaction, love etc. – where only your world within you and without ‘works for you’. ‘God’ is your total Mind Consciousness System – the omnipresence and omnipotence. ‘Jesus” is your EGO that ensures that the totality of you as Mind is saved/rescued in maintaining, protecting, defending and sustaining you as ‘God’ playing superiority over/of others and this world as a whole in only taking care, considering and regarding yourself while BILLIONS suffer and starve right at and with your feet as the very Earth you walk on and share with them…and accepting and allowing self to exist in that God-Consciousness as Self-Religion without lifting a finger or having a thought about/of them. And then the Holy-Spirit as the Energy of/as Heaven as the MONEY within/as this world that is substantiating the life of ‘God’ , ‘Jesus’ and one’s ‘Heaven’ within/as one’s Mind as Self. Take Money away and one’s total “Self” within and without will disappear, evaporate and FALL.

What is interesting with what is happening within this world – is equal-to and one with what happened in heaven though now manifesting in physical space and time:
As with Heaven – where the Energy stopped and we ASS-SENDED into and as actual, real physical-existence with only ourselves; see what is happening within this Money-System where money is being thwarted more and more and more and more – leaving many human-beings, slowly but surely ASS-SENDING, with their asses falling straight to the ground into the Physical as the Money as the Holy-Spirit disappears/stops, their God Falls and Jesus is challenged from protecting/defending itself/God/Heaven; to now having to walk in actual real physical-reality as and with what is HERE.

Understand – this what is happening in this world/reality we’re creating and have manifested; through accepting and allowing self-separation into personified Heavens, wanting, desiring and needing to be ‘our own Gods’ and so abdicating responsibility as equality and oneness with and as what is here as all and everything that is here – into and as living a delusion as “Self-Religion”.
Now – we’re literally PAYING for this, as everything that we had/owned/possessed will be taken-away and left with Nothing but ourselves, as EVERYTHING as-ourselves in/as this world/existence is coming at-us with a vengeance for not taking responsibility for/directing/considering/regarding all and everything as ourselves equal and one. We’re facing the CONSEQUENCE of our not taking responsibility for, directing and walking with what is here in utilizing what is here and transforming it into and as an effective world for self and all to live in, experience and express with each-other equal and one. Because we’ve been too busy lost in our own Heavens, playing ‘God’ up there in our own Minds being Jesus saving only ourselves through playing the game of survival as the fittest that we’ve neglected everything and everyone else. Now that ‘everything and everyone else’ is literally coming to bite is in the ass SO HARD that we ASS-SEND back into actual, real physical-reality.

So – “God” / “Gods”:
Time to ASS-SEND back into actual real physical reality – which is either going to happen through physical-experiences through space and time as your creation that you have neglected/ignored/disregarded will catch up on you OR you make that decision for/as yourself to send your own ass back into and as physical-reality and WALK HERE WITH/AS THE PHYSICAL equal and one with and as one’s entire existence, and ground one’s feet into and as and with matter that really matters and with every step walking the self-awareness that this SELF walking HERE is in fact what is here as this existence with humanity as it exist now, and that every step that is walked on the ground on this Earth – is shared with everything/all that exist within this physical existence and so – my responsibility is the responsibility of/as all as me that walk with me here on this Earth and in this existence as me.
Time for the personified Gods to step-out of their Delusional-Heavens as let go of Self-Religion and start hearing and seeing the cries, the screams, the pain, the suffering, the praying, the hoping, the yearning of humanity as a whole  at your feet; that is with your feet on this Earth and facing the consequence of abdicating your responsibility to/as your creation as you.

So – for those that has ASS-SENDED; who’s been bitten in the ass by their own creation as the physical and has fallen from the delusion of heaven into actual real physical-reality: Suggest investigating Desteni – we’re human-beings who’s asses has been sent to/as the physical – through self-directive principled decisions and/or through actual physical-experiences and have been walking this physical-reality for a while, in taking self-responsibility for self as all; starting with self – in walking out-of the Self-Religion into self equality and oneness with/as all of existence as the starting-point principle of walking, taking, being/becoming Responsibility of/as one’s Creation as self in creating/manifesting this creation of/as self into and as what was always supposed to be/meant to be in the first place: Heaven on Earth.
So – get out of your delusion heavens, HEAVEN ISN’T IN THE MIND – we’ve been supposed to create HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH IN/AS THE PHYSICAL, we made a bit of a mistake in going aHEAD and creating individualized heavens in our own HEADS, when we were supposed to have been creating it TOGETHER HERE standing equal and one with self as all, as all as self.

SO – OOPS, we mis-directed our creations and missed the direction of the Desteni of All in creating HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE FOR/AS ALL and not a heaven ‘just for me’.
So – everyone, we got to STOP, TURN-AROUND walk-ourselves out of our Self-religion as individualized separate heavens and walk ourselves back into/as HERE as the physical, STAND TOGETHER HERE and create heaven on earth FOR ALL HERE.

With Desteni – investigate Desteni and Desteni I Process as the path to ASS-SENDING back into and as physical-reality as you walk-through your dimensional-planes as the Mind Consciousness System to establish your starting point of equality and oneness and get-into and as creating/manifesting HEAVEN HERE.
Then – see Equal-Money as the implementation of the platform of Heaven on Earth where-through each human-being will be able to make and establish their home and their life in Heaven on Earth with everyone equal and one. 

And..for additional support and assistance through and as one's process of walking through the dimensional-planes of one's process of sending one's ass back down to earth - see EQAFE to assist/support with expanding one self out of Self-Religion into and as living equality and oneness here. 

GOD must come back to Earth…Jesus must return; and that is YOU – so, stop waiting for yourself.


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