Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Thought-Designs – Part 4

Seeing and Understanding Self as the Mind:
Thought-Designs – Part 4

We have completed investigating, exploring and explaining the A. Nature, what the Nature of Thought-Designs in total consist of/exist as and we started-with the first Thought-Design as 1. Current-Reality Thoughts, together-with Examples of the manifested-design of Current-Reality Thought-Designs as they exist and function within and as our Conscious-Mind within and as the Nature they consist of and exist as within and as the Conscious-Mind of/as the Mind Consciousness System.
Before we continue looking-at the B. Substance and C. How of Thought-Designs, as discussed within Thought-Designs – Part 2, as the ‘Substance’ of the Thoughts, meaning – what they consist-of/exist-as within and as their actual-Manifestation and the ‘How’ as How they are created/manifested through-Us in/as the Mind Consciousness System – we’ll continue completing A. The Nature of all the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs – within walking-through all the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs as outlined within Thought-Designs – Part 1.
Herein, we’ll thus continue with 2. Projection-Thoughts, and the A. Nature of the Projection Thought-Designs within and as the Conscious-Mind of and as the Mind Consciousness System.

A.     The Nature of Thought-Designs

2.      Projection-Thoughts

As discussed within Thought-Designs – Part 1, Projection-Thoughts are:

“Projection-Thoughts are thoughts that manifest in a ‘flash of a Moment’, wherein – you’ll see yourself ‘projected’ into and as an experience/moment within and as your Mind, other-Than and different-from the Moment in which you’re currently standing in actual-reality, and who and how you are within and as Actual-reality.
Thus, it will be thus a ‘flash’ sweeping-by within your Mind, as you ‘see’ yourself as/within a projection within your Mind as a dimensional-shift that happen, that will be in context-to and in relation with what you’re experiencing/facing/participating in, within actual-reality – but will be a ulterior-projected version thereof.”

For a refresher on the Nature of Thought-Designs – suggest reading Thought-Designs – Part 2 wherein this has been discussed and outlined, specifically – however, for a immediate reference – here is a excerpt from the document to assist/support with the continuation of this document:

So, when we’re going to be Looking-at and discussing, or speaking-of/mentioning the ‘Nature’ of/as the Thought-Designs – we’re going to have a look at its ‘manifested momentary effect’ on the experience of ourselves in that Moment of participating in-It/becoming it.
 So – the primary/basic ‘Natures’ of and as Thought-Design within and as the Conscious-Mind pertains to the ‘Electric-Energetic’-Charge of/as a Thought-Design within the spark of Either:
-          Neutral
-          Positive
-          Negative
Thus, the Nature of Thought-Designs Pertains to their particular-specific ‘Charge’ and the ‘effect’ that Charge have on the experience of-Ourselves in the Moment/Instance of accepting and allowing Ourselves to Participate within and as the Thought-Design as the manifested-charge as Nature it consist-Of/exist-As. “

The Nature of/as Projection-Thought is:
‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’

Within the existent-context of and as Projection-Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind – it is specific that Projection-Thoughts’ Nature consist of and exist as only Positive and Negative and not including Neutral – due to the particular-specific function Projection-Thoughts provide and produce for the Mind Consciousness System in relation to generating and charging a friction of Polarity to instigate/initiate movement/momentum of the being through Energy within themselves and their world/reality. This means:
In having a look at the description of/as the manifestation of Projection-Thoughts – the thoughts will always manifest as an ulterior-projected version of/as the current-actual reality moment one is facing/experiencing/participating-in, within the actual physical and so – by their very existence, produce a polarity; as the projection-thought will always be in opposite to/from the actual physical-reality one face within and as a particular-specific moment.

As has been discussed,  the Function of and as the Conscious-Mind Thought-Design manifestations, is that of ‘Super-Charging’ the Main-Source ‘Energetic/Electric’-Domains of and as the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind that hold one’s most Prevalent and Influential Systems and Constructs that control Behaviour through and as the Mind, with and as  Electrical-Energy.
Within that - the function of/a such Projection-Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind within and as the Triad-Monument we exist-within and stand-as of/as the Mind Consciousness System; is to initiate/instigate movement through and as the Mind Consciousness System, wherein – such Projection-Thoughts, within the Nature of either being Positive or Negative; will produce a friction within-self and according to the experience of that friction as either positive or negative, will move self into a particular-specific direction within and as one’s world/reality.  In fact, such Projection-Thoughts create ‘choice’; within and as self within and as particular specific Moments, wherein one is then – through such Projection-Thoughts deliberately-moved/directed into and as a particular-specific direction which self then think/believe was self-controlled as ‘choice’; but in fact was deliberately-initiated/instigated by/through the friction-caused of a Projection-Thought within and as the Conscious-Mind within and as a particular-specific Moment within and as Reality.

And, so – Projection-Thoughts, as the friction experienced as energetic-reaction within and as self will activate Subconscious- and Unconscious-Mind Systems and Constructs that control Behaviour through and as the Mind and through and as such System-Manifestations, will walk-into a particular-specific direction as ‘choice’ within and as a particular specific moment as instigated/initiated by/through the Projection-Thought of/as the nature as Positive and/or Negative.
Also, within the purposed-function of/as Projection-Thoughts being the ‘choice’-creators within and as particular-specific moments within and as one’s world/reality – also form part-of the designed-Nature of/as Projection-Thoughts only consisting-of / existing-as Positive and Negative. As ‘choice’ within the pre-programmed design of and as the Mind Consciousness System only give one of two options, wherein one will be forced into the direction of/as either one of two options as pre-determined by/through the Mind Consciousness System. This was so designed/pre-programmed to ensure that ‘Consciousness’ of/as the Mind Consciousness System always have control, and remain in control – because whether one is directed into and as either two options, the Mind remains in control of both-directions, and so – one’s choices is never, really in fact choice but simply a decision between two options already pre-determined for/of self and within that, self is directed into and as either one of the two options and so – everything and all of self has always been pre-ordained within and as the manifested design of/as the Mind Consciousness System.

Also, understand that – Projection-Thoughts are different-from Mind-Projections, wherein Mind-Projections are dimensional play-outs within and as the Mind we participate-in as the creation of and as actual alternate-realities with self Projected into alternate states/times of existence. Such Mind-Projections one participate in - through attention, focus and time as one actually create ‘Projected-Selves’, wherein the function/purpose of/as such Mind-Projections serves one’s Personalities of/as the Mind Consciousness System – a Construct of the Mind Consciousness System we’ll also be discussing within these documents to come once we walk-through the Subconscious-Mind of/as the Mind Consciousness System.
However, at the Moment – we’re walking the Conscious-Mind and Projection-Thoughts as the manifested-Nature they consist-of/exist as, whereby Projection-Thoughts function as instigators to activate a ‘choice’ in forcing the movement of a being into a particular-specific resonant-direction within and as a particular-specific moment.

We’ll within the next document continue with practical-examples for/of Projection Thought-Designs and how they manifest in an instant within and as their manifested-Nature of/as Positive and/or Negative, yet instantaneously affect ‘who we are’ within and as that Moment, that manifest consequence immediately and/or resonantly as it determine ‘how we live’ within that Moment or within experiences to come.
Within that, we’ll also slightly touch-on the activation of the Subconscious and Unconscious living-behaviours that lead to the action of self living-out / responding to the choice the Projection-Thought present, however – we’re at the Moment only mainly focusing on the Thought-Designs themselves for self to identify, see and realise the manifested-consequence of/as accepted and allowed participation in thoughts and also within that, how it is that we in fact function, exist and live as the Mind Consciousness System as the system we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to abdicate ours self-responsibility to/towards, and that we’re now in the Process of taking back that ‘power’ as ‘responsibility’ to stop the separation and to finally really Live, Here in and as the Physical.

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