Here we’ll share practical perspectives, understandings, insights and realisations about self, the mind, the physical, the world, consciousness – and everything and all else in-between as the multi-dimensional existence that we currently consist of and exist as; and within that: practical support and assistance methods/tools/techniques of facing this existence as self in the process of standing-up and standing-together in changing ourselves to change the world.

Thought-Designs – Part 2


Seeing and Understanding Self as the Mind:
Thought-Designs – Part 2

Within the previous-Document we have Outlined the ‘basic’-Descriptions of and as the Primary Thought-Designs that exist within and as the Conscious-Mind, that we frequently – on a daily-basis, participate-In, become and function-Through as we move in and as our World/Reality; as we’re currently Walking the process of ‘getting to know’ what it is exactly that we’re existing-As as the Mind, to stand Equal and One with-ourselves, to be able to within and as that Equality and Oneness, Stop Stand up and Change ourselves, from Separation within Manifested-Consequence – to Life as a Living Principle of what’s Best for All.

As has been Mentioned within the previous-Document – we will have a look at and explore the Following-detail of and as the Manifestation of and as Thought-Designs within and as the Conscious-Mind:
-          The Nature of the Thoughts, meaning – the Structural-function of and as their existence in and as the Conscious-Mind.
-          The Substance of the Thoughts, meaning – what they consist-of/exist-as within and as their actual-Manifestation.
-          How they are created/manifested through-Us in/as the Mind Consciousness System.
-          Examples of each Thought-Design.
All - to assist/support in specifying the seeing of the Thoughts in relation to oneself, within one’s Conscious-Mind as one has programmed one’s Thought-Designs in relation to one’s individual life-experience. To so become more effective in the stopping of such fragmented resonant-projections of and as ourselves, to start assisting and supporting ourselves in living in the ‘real world’: The Physical, here as Breath.

So, how we’re going to Proceed – is through walking Each Individual Thought-Design as discussed / numbered within the Previous-document, with this time Discussing, exploring and Looking-at the Nature of the Thoughts as what they consist of and exist as and the Influence of that ‘manifested-Nature’ on our interpreted self-experience of ourselves within, as and through the Conscious-Mind.

Let us first have a Look at the definition of the ‘Nature’ of a Thought  to contextualize the starting-point within and as which we’re going to be Looking-at / Discussing the Individual Thought-Designs – so that you walk and see with as we Explore the Manifested Thought-Designs existent within and as the Conscious-Mind of/as the Mind Consciousness System:

The Nature of a Conscious-Mind Thought:

As we’re going to be Walking-through the Individual primary Thought-Design manifestations existent in and as the Conscious-Mind within the document, we’re going to be looking-at and discussing the ‘Nature’ of each Individual Thought-Design.
The ‘Nature’ of a Conscious-Mind Thought-Design pertains to the ‘effect’ it has on our Self-Experience in the moment/instance we ‘participate’ within the Thought-Design manifestation of and as the Conscious-Mind.

In the ‘moment/instance’ of Participation with and as a Thought; a ‘Resonant-Merging’ manifest between your Beingness and the Thought. Wherein one’s ‘beingness Resonance’ within and as the stance/point of and as Focus/Attention – ‘connect’ with and through a actual ‘Connection Stream’ with and as the particular-specific Thought within and as the Conscious-Mind. And so one ‘merge’ with the Thought, and in that ‘merging’ - ‘become one’ with the Thought; and so one ‘experience’-Oneself as the Thought self accepted and allowed self to Connect-to, Merge-with and become. And so we accept/allow ourselves to experience and become the Thoughts within and as the Conscious-Mind we accept/allow ourselves to participate-In, through ‘giving-Them’ attention/focus and so, in essence – ‘give-Them’ ourselves and in that Moment, we accept/allow them to ‘Possess’-us in/as the Moment, as we’re in that Moment a Thought, just a Thought – not here in/as the Physical at all. This just another example as to the extent of our actual Limitation within/as ‘who/what’ we Really are in relation to Existence as a Whole.
(Thus, through Self-Forgiveness – we walk the Process of ‘giving ourselves back to Ourselves’ in assisting and supporting ourselves to Stop ‘giving ourselves away to/as a system, as the system flourish and we diminish, and so through Self-Forgiveness – we stop the giving away of ourselves; through gifting ourselves, ourselves in seeing what we’re accepting and allowing to do and become; and to in that seeing – stop, stand-up and Change.)

So, when we’re going to be Looking-at and discussing, or speaking-of/mentioning the ‘Nature’ of/as the Thought-Designs – we’re going to have a look at its ‘manifested momentary effect’ on the experience of ourselves in that Moment of participating in-It/becoming it.

So – the primary/basic ‘Natures’ of and as Thought-Design within and as the Conscious-Mind pertains to the ‘Electric-Energetic’-Charge of/as a Thought-Design within the spark of Either:

-          Neutral
-          Positive
-          Negative

Thus, the Nature of Thought-Designs Pertains to their particular-specific ‘Charge’ and the ‘effect’ that Charge have on the experience of-Ourselves in the Moment/Instance of accepting and allowing Ourselves to Participate within and as the Thought-Design as the manifested-charge as Nature it consist-Of/exist-As.

Now, in terms of the ‘fast-paced’-Movement of and as Conscious-Mind Thought-Design manifestations; the length of ‘possession’ of/as such Thoughts (meaning the Length of time we ‘become’ the Thought within and as the instance/moment of accepting/allowing self to participate in-It) isn’t very long and mostly lasts Nano- to split-seconds and sometimes even a second, maybe slightly longer. This is due to the Function of and as the Conscious-Mind Thought-Design manifestations, as ‘Super-Charging’ the Main-Source ‘Energetic/Electric’-Domains of and as the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind that hold one’s most Prevalent and Influential Systems and Constructs that control Behaviour through and as the Mind, with and as  Electrical-Energy.
Thus, the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs and one’s ‘Moments/Instances of participation’ within and as such Thoughts – sets of ‘instant-Sparks’ as ‘instant-Constant/Continuous’-Charges of/as the particular-specific Natures of/as the Thoughts as Neutral/Positive/Negative (dependent on the particular-specific Thought-Design one is Participating-in).
And so one ‘Charge’ the continued-existence of/as the Triad-Monument as the Base (Neutrality) and it’s Two Poles (Positivity and Negativity) through and as which the Mind Consciousness System primarily function; as it use Polarity as one of its Main Source of/as Power Generation, with the Neutrality-‘base’ to Maintain ‘Balance’ and Equilibrium - and so it Functions as a Automated, Smooth System/Machine. The Mind - which self keep on ‘Oiling’ and ‘Fuelling’ as ‘charging’ through accepting and allowing self to Continue the Accepted and Allowed participation within and as the Conscious-Mind manifested Thought-Designs. The Conscious-Mind with and as its manifested Thought-Designs - that is one of the Primary ‘centres’ through and as which the totality/entirety of and as the Mind Consciousness System continue its existence.   

Therefore – within, as and during the beginning-stages/phases of one’s Process as one’s ‘introduced’ to and as one’s own Conscious-Mind as one become conscious of/as the extent and actual-Manifestations of and as the Thoughts one consist-of / exist-As; one start with Stopping oneself from accepting and allowing self to Participate within and as the Initial-origins that fuel/charge the entirety/totality of/as the Mind Consciousness System as the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs. Because - within and as doing-So; you assist/support yourself, to – through constant, consistent application – move ‘out of’ the position/stance/possession of/as the Triad-Monument as the ‘Electric-Energy’-Core of/as the Mind Consciousness System as the Neutrality, Positivity and Negativity. To stand ‘solid’ within and as the Structure/Platform of and as the Mind Consciousness System – from where you have the Platform and Ability to direct and change you As the Mind.
For – as long as you exist in the Triad-Monument as the Electric-Energy only; you’re Possessed - and will not see/experience anything but Electric-Energy and the resonance-manifestations as Thoughts that flow from-It, that Manifest within and as the Conscious-Mind.

Thus, process start with ‘where and what’ you are within and as the Mind Consciousness System, which – at this Stage; is existent within and as the Triad-Monument as Electric-Energy of/as Neutrality, Positivity and Negativity and the Conscious-Mind Thought-Designs within/as which we exist/participate and primarily function.
And, so – through stopping accepted and allowed participation within and as the Conscious-Mind Thoughts; one start the process of establishing a starting-point within and as the Mind-Systems’ ‘structure’ for Self to ‘see’ through and as the veil as manifested-Energy concoction within and as the Mind Consciousness System, wherein – within the seeing = Be effective in assisting and supporting self to– Stop, Stand up and Change.

Alright, so – let’s have a Look at the ‘Nature’-manifestation of and as each Thought-Design we walked within and as the Previous-document, to assist/support with Perspective in relation to the Function of/as the particular-specific Thought-Designs so that we can get a Clear ‘View’ in relation to what it is, exactly - that we’re accepting and allowing Ourselves to be, become and do within, as and during our accepted and allowed Participation in and as the Conscious-Mind:
1.      Current-Reality Thoughts

As discussed - Current-Reality Thoughts will be in direct-immediate relation to – the current-alteration to/within one’s external-reality for which one had no prior-warning / precognition.

The ‘Nature’ of and as Current-Reality Thoughts, is:
‘Neutral’, ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’

The Nature of and as the Current-Reality Thought is dependent on one’s Resonant-‘interpretation’ to/towards the particular-specific ‘unforeseen / unexpectedly sudden’ external-reality change/alteration within/as one’s ‘Moment’ / ‘Sphere of Influence’ within/as one’s Reality in/as the Physical.
Because, remember / understand and take into consideration, that – we ‘resonantly’-Exist through and as the Mind Consciousness System, which mean that – we ‘filter/channel’ our experiences to/towards the physical/reality through and as the Platform Structures/Constructs and Designs of and as the Mind Consciousness System manifested as the Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind.
And so - the Mind is the Manifested-‘Interpreter’ of/as our ‘self’-Experience to/towards Reality/the Physical, and thus why only our ‘Resonance’ is ‘emitted’ / ‘projected’ through and as the Mind Consciousness System as our total-Beingness as a Being is merged with, as and within the Platform-Manifestations of/as the Mind Consciousness System as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind – and so, our total/entire self-experience is existent through and as the total/entire Mind Consciousness System, with no actual cognisance of reality, the physical – as all that we are and experience, is, in fact – our own Mind.
As we proceed within and through walking the Design of the Mind as we detail the Mechanics and Dynamics of/as the existence of Ourselves as the Mind Consciousness System, we’ll explore, discuss and reveal the specifics of ‘how we operate’ as the Operating-System of/as the Mind as what we are.

Let’s continue within looking at tangible-Examples of/as Current-Reality Thoughts in showing how the Nature of such Thought-Designs of the Conscious-Mind affect the experience if ourselves in a Moment/Instance of accepted and allowed participation within/as such manifestations of-Ourselves:


‘Neutral’ Current-Reality Thought:

Such thoughts manifest as ‘Neutral Statements/Words’ within and as one’s Conscious-Mind – such, as for example:
A bird suddenly flying-by in a astounding array of sequenced-patterns as though it’s ‘drawing’ / ‘painting’ with the air-itself and a Thought/Thoughts emerge: “I’d like to Fly like that” or “I’d want Wings to Fly”.
Thus, one made a ‘statement’ to/towards Reality/the Physical as ‘processing’ one’s relationship to/towards reality/the physical through ‘positioning’-Onself, within-Oneself in relation to the Bird in making a statement of Thought in/as one’s Conscious-Mind as ‘who/what you are’, which is a human that can’t fly, but who’d like to.
Thus, ‘Neutral Thought-Statements’, pertaining to/towards one’s World/Reality as the physical that consist-of/exist as ‘basic observations’ in relation to ‘who you are’ in relationship with your world/reality are examples of ‘Neutral Current-Reality Thoughts’.

Now – to have a look at ‘why’ this is an example of a Neutral Current-Reality Thought, and Why it constitutes as a manifested-Thought of/as the Conscious-Mind, is as follows:
In looking-at such a Moment/experience in/as Reality – the Question-is: “Where are YOU” in that Moment with the Bird?
If you have a look at the Thought – you’re in your own Mind thinking about yourself in relation to the point of flying. The point of ‘flying’ as a Resonant-desire coming-up from your Subconscious-/Unconscious-Mind in relation to the ‘desired-Freedom’ that you’re ‘accessing’ through/as the Thought coming-up in/as your Conscious-Mind. The though coming-up/Manifesting within/as your Conscious-Mind - from/as your Eyes that caught/captured the ‘symbolism’ of/as the Wings that you saw of the Bird, that transferred into and as your Picture-database of/as your Unconscious-Mind, that got activated - and so your total-Primary network in relation to the picture of Wings, Bird and Flying ‘activated’ and so your Resonant Self-Definition to/towards those symbols activated as ‘desire to fly / be free’ and Manifested it into and as the Thought(s): “I’d like to Fly like that” or “I’d want Wings to Fly”.

And, so – here a practical/tangible Example in relation to how we create-Thoughts in, as and through our Mind Consciousness System.
And, that – in having a look at the example above, why the ‘Neutral-Statements’ to/towards one’s world/reality are actual Thought-Manifestations – as we ‘think’-About what is here in/as the physical within/as the reference/experience of our individual-selves. Not actually HERE within and as the physical at-ALL, within for example - standing there with the Bird in communicating with it, or sharing-In with the Bird as its experience of/as Flying with being the Bird here as self. So we completely/entirely exist in/as Thought – missing Reality, what is Real here completely/entirely as we but interpret reality through/as Pictures/Symbols of/as Energy within and as a System as the Mind.

So, therefore – ‘Neutral Current-Reality Thoughts’ are ‘Neutral-Statements’ made to/towards one’s World/Reality, that is in direct-relation to/towards one’s World/Reality in a moment/instance of/as a sudden, unexpected and unpredictable change manifest within/as one’s World/Reality.

To further ‘clarify’ the term ‘Neutral’, is that – ‘Neutral’ Thought-Manifestations do not/does not contain a particular-Specific positive or negative charge/connotation; it’s simply a ‘Just-Is’-statement. So, for example – to give perspective in relation to the difference between Neutral / Positive / Negatively Charged-thoughts in relation to this Example with the Bird – have a look at the Following:

“I’d like to Fly like that” or “I’d want Wings to Fly” – here the statements are simply “this is how it is”, from the perspective of – this is, in fact what I’d like and what I’d want.

“Wow! That birds’ colours is absolutely, beautifully magnificent!” – here the statement is Positively charged, as the statement holds an energetic experience of awe/magnificence/mesmerisation which alter the beings’ state of experience into and as a ‘positive-charge’, wherein - within the Neutral-Thought statement, the beings’ Self-Experience didn’t particularly change, as it was a mere Observational-deductive statement in relation to reality.

“Those types of birds disgust Me”  – here the statement is Negatively-charged, as the statement holds an energetic experience of and as disgust, as it’s spoken within/as disgust - which alter the beings’ state of experience into and as a ‘negative-charge’.

So, these two Examples of Positive and Negative Statements – just given for you to have a look at and take into consideration the difference between ‘Neutral’ / ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ in relation to Thought-Manifestations within the context of their ‘Nature’ as we Think-them within and as our Conscious-Mind to/towards our World/Reality in moments’ of sudden/unexpected change/alteration that manifest and which we in essence ‘react’-To within, as and through Current-Reality Thoughts.

We’ll, within the next document to Continue – explore the Nature of Current-Reality Thoughts further in outlining the Details within and as which they exist as-us within and as the Conscious-Mind as we walk-through More examples of Neutral, Positive and Negative Current-Reality Thoughts to specify their Design-Manifestation/Existence within and as us.
And within that, you’ll see for yourself, how – through Current-Reality Thought-Design Manifestations; one can detect/see and find Self-Definitions of/as the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind – as Current-Reality Thoughts are thoughts that ‘jump-up’ as ‘sudden, unexpected’-Reactions to/towards ‘sudden, unexpected’-Changes within/as our world/reality. And so, due to the ‘fast/immediate’ nature of the Thoughts / such Thoughts =  we can through them see/identify, actual manifested accepted self-definitions of/as personalities of/as the mind consciousness system we accept/allow to exist-as/within.
As we continue – you’ll start seeing this for yourself.



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